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Beloved Internet life

Beloved Internet life
Beloved Internet life

As a member of the royal family, Charles is a familiar face throughout the UK and around the world. However, what Charles III will be like as a king is still unknown. The world is now watching to see how King Charles III will rule after officially taking over.

CNN has published a report on the attitude of Charles or how he can be a king. Max Foster, a CNN journalist with experience working on the British monarchy, wrote the article. In the light of the article, what Charles is like as a person or how he wants to work is briefly highlighted.

Charles’ stance on climate change
Since 1968, Charles has been vocal about the effects of climate change. Since then it has become a mainstream issue. For some, it again becomes a political issue. Charles was one of the supporters of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. After Donald Trump took office as the US president, he announced that the US would withdraw from the agreement.

Charles interviewed the CNN journalist during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2020. He still expressed optimism about the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Charles said, ‘Every month there is a new record of warming. We cannot continue like this. If we give up and allow this situation to continue for a long time, the situation will become more complicated.’

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