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No visible achievements in PM’s visit to India: Fakhrul

No visible achievements in PM’s visit to India: Fakhrul
No visible achievements in PM’s visit to India: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Algir has commented that there is no visible achievement of Bangladesh during the Prime Minister’s visit to India.

He made this comment in response to a question from journalists after paying respects at the grave of late President Ziaur Rahman in Sher Bangla Nagar on Friday (September 9) morning.

Mirza Fakhrul said, the achievement of Bangladesh in this visit so far we can see that 53 cusecs of water from Kushiara river. Besides, till now we have not seen any visible achievement.

He said, “Rather, what I can see is a $500 million defense contract from India to buy vehicles.” And it has been said that border killings will be brought to zero.

On the day this was said, one person was killed on the border of Dinajpur, and two others went missing – this is the result. We see these as our visible achievements.

BNP Secretary General also said, “And we saw that very beautiful words were being said, their love-love between themselves – they were being said very loudly – that’s what we understood.”

“We have said before that the government has become desperate. You must remember that before this visit, the Foreign Minister (AK Abdul Momen) had said that he had requested the Indian leaders to take measures to sustain the Awami League government by any means possible.’

He also said, we always believe in democracy and we believe that the countries which are democratic countries, the democratic world will always play their role to uphold democracy and establish people’s rights. India is our friend ideal country, democratic country. We believe that India will keep its democratic character intact.

On the occasion of the 44th founding anniversary of the Nationalist Women’s Party, BNP Secretary General paid tribute to Ziaur Rahman’s grave with the leaders and activists led by the organization’s President Afroza Abbas and General Secretary Sultana Ahmed. Later, he also participated in a special prayer for the soul of the late leader. Leaders like Helen Zereen Khan, Nazmunnahar Bebi, Nawaz Halima Arli, Chowdhury Nayab Yusuf and others of women’s party were present at the time.


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