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9 people died in lightning: Matikora village is in mourning

Rana Ahmed, District Correspondent

Sirajganj: In Matikora village of Panchkroshi union of Ullapara upazila of Sirajganj, the village has come to a standstill due to the death of 9 people including 5 members of the same family due to lightning while working in the field. Stone relatives in mourning. Locals cannot accept such death in front of their eyes.

On Friday morning (September 9), the scene of the incident can be seen on the ground in Matikora village. Among the dead are 4 people including a child and a teenager. They all belong to Matikora village. The deceased of Matikora village are Shah Alam (40), Abdul Quddus (60), Ratna Khatun Ritu (12) and Maria (7). The other 5 people who died were from Shibpur village nearby.

Apart from this, Noornabi’s daughter Noor Jahan (9) and her sister Noor Nahar Nadi (12), Saiful Pramanik’s daughter Rupa (12) and Rafiqul Islam’s daughter Amina (13) are undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Ritu’s father Abdul Alim said, ‘Shallow engine was running and water was being given to the land. Then he went there to take a bath. Just at that moment, when it started raining, he stood under the tin roof of that shallow house. This is exactly where lightning strikes. After we got the news, we went there and saw Ritu lying in the muddy water. Later, when he was rescued and taken to the hospital, the doctor declared him dead.

Nurul Islam Pramanik, father of deceased Shah Alam, said, ‘My son sells boro rice seedlings to the people of Shibpur village. When they came to pick that sapling, Shah Alam also went with them. Then it started raining. Later we learn that Shah Alam died due to lightning. Three others from the same village died along with Shah Alam. 5 people from Shibpur village who came to pick saplings also died.

The witness of the incident is the son of Sukkur Pramanik. Manik Hossain said, ‘Seeing the lightning, a child who was there came running and said this. As soon as I heard the thunder, I was the first to run there. I went and saw that everyone was lying in different places. The fire service was then informed. Later they came and rescued everyone and sent them to various hospitals.’

Chairman of Panchkroshi Union Parishad Touhidul Islam Firoz said, ‘The local people cannot accept the death of these 9 people including 5 people from the same family. Everyone in the area is mourning. Mourning is going on at the house of the deceased. No one knows the language to console them.’

Ullapara Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Ujjal Hossain said, ‘A total of 9 people died in this incident. Among them, two are related to their brothers and four are father-son relationships. The incident was reported and the site was visited. A grant of 25,000 taka has been given to each family of the deceased.


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