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Volatile milk market

Volatile milk market

Afrin Mim, China International Radio: The prices of different types of milk, including baby food, are increasing in Bangladesh. As the marketing companies have increased the price of liquid milk again, so has the price of powdered milk.

The price of pasteurized liquid milk of various companies has been increasing step by step since May this year. The price of milk last May was Rs 70 per litre, now it is being sold at Rs 90.

This information was known by visiting grocery stores in Karwan Bazar, Moghbazar, Tejgaon, Mouchak areas of the capital and talking to the sellers.

Checking the prices written on the pasteurized fluid milk packets of the three companies sold in the market, it is seen that they have fixed the new price at Tk 90 to Tk 95 per litre. This price is 7 to 10 taka more than before. With this, the price of liquid milk has increased from Tk 20 to Tk 25 per liter in 4 months.

According to the data of the government organization Trading Corporation of Bangladesh – TCB, the price of 1 kg powdered milk is Tk 810, diploma is Tk 800, marks is Tk 720 and fresh is being sold at Tk 700. The prices of Dano and Diploma increased by about 6 percent in the month. And the price of all types of milk has increased by at least Tk 130-150 per kg over the years. But currently it is being sold in the market at a higher rate.

Meanwhile, the price of powdered milk has increased by Tk 50 per kg. According to TCB calculations, the price of milk powder has increased by about 22 percent in a year. TCB has not included the new increase in the price of powdered milk. Added to that, the inflation rate for the year will be higher.

Various companies including Milk Vita, Pran, Arang, Akiz manufacture and market pasteurized liquid milk in the country’s market. After checking the market, it can be seen that the retail price of one liter of pasteurized liquid milk produced by Arang brand is Tk 95. The price has increased by Rs 7 per litre. Which was sold last May for 70 rupees.

Not only Arang, liquid milk prices of other companies including Pran and Akiz have also increased. On Wednesday, the liquid milk of Pran, which was available in the market, was priced at 90 rupees per liter. Akiz Group’s Farmfresh brand of milk is also priced at Rs 90 per litre.

It is also known that the government-run co-operative milk products manufacturing company Milk Vita has also proposed to increase the price of milk by 5 rupees.

On the other hand, the price of one kg packet of Arla Foods powdered milk is Rs.850 in the market. Which was 800 taka per kg last June. Diploma brand milk powder is now priced at Tk 840 in the market, which was Tk 790 earlier.

Due to the increase in the price of liquid milk and powdered milk, many people are in trouble. As the price of milk has gone up unbridled, consumers are getting frustrated going to the shops.

Ansar Miah, a resident of Wireless area, came to buy Marks powdered milk at Mouchak’s retail shop for her eight-month-old daughter. He said, “Adults may not eat. But it will be needed for children. The rise in prices is difficult for our middle class”.

The same thing in the tone of another seller. He said, “The way the price of milk is increasing day by day is going beyond our purchasing power”.

Meanwhile, the sellers say that the price of milk powder has increased in the world market. In addition, the cost of imports has increased due to the increase in the value of the dollar. It has to increase the price of milk.

Beehive grocer Sirajul Islam said, “All powdered milk is marketed from abroad. It costs more to stay abroad. The government has to pay taxes”.

Another seller said, “We buy at a higher price so we have to sell at a higher price. Marks gave 660 taka per kg last week, this week we have to buy 700 taka per kg. 40 per kg is increasing. Even after that, it will increase.”

Editing – Sajid Raju

The article is in Bengali

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