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Killed sister’s boyfriend with a mercenary killer!

Killed sister’s boyfriend with a mercenary killer!
Killed sister’s boyfriend with a mercenary killer!

Police Bureau of Investigation – PBI has revealed the mystery of the murder of Rakib Hossain (20) of Khagrachari’s Panchari police station. Two people have already been arrested for their involvement in this incident.

They have given a statement under section 164 in the court. The two arrested are the victim’s close friend Ariful Islam (20) and Md. Julhas (20).

Hashem (24) planned to kill his lover Rakib because he could not accept his sister’s love relationship. He uses a close friend of the victim Rakib and a hired killer in the assassination mission.

Victim Rakib Panchari Ali Nagar area Md. Son of Ali Hussain. He was a student of HSC 1st year in Panchari College.

According to the information received, the victim Rakib had a love relationship with the daughter of a local Ripon member of the same area. When the girl’s family came to know about it, they beat Rakib and forbade him from contacting the girl. After a few days of communication, the two resumed communication.

On learning the matter again, the girl’s brother Hashem planned to kill Rakib. According to the plan, Hashem got involved with the arrested accused Ariful Islam and Julhas, a close friend of the victim.

On January 19, 2021, at 7 pm, the victim along with his neighbor Arif left for home on a motorcycle. As the accused Arif’s house was before the victim’s house, he got off the victim’s motorcycle and told the news to the hired killer Tula Mia.

As soon as the victim Rakib reached the south-east corner of Kanak Bagan on the motorcycle, the hired killer Tula Mia and his 4 accomplices hit the victim on the left side of the head with a sharp knife. Julhas was present at the scene along with the mercenary killers. In this situation, Rakib left the motorcycle and ran to the house of the accused friend Ariful Islam.

At this time, Ariful’s family members tied the victim’s head with a towel. Later, he was sent to Panchari Upazila Health Complex and then to Chittagong Medical. He died early in the morning while undergoing treatment there.

On January 20, Ali Hossain, the father of deceased Rakib, filed a case against the unknown accused at the Panchari police station.

In the police investigation, Tula Mia was shown as the accused and gave the charge sheet of the case in the court. In the charge sheet, Ariful and Julhas were shown as witnesses involved in Rakib’s murder. Disclosure was not complete.

Therefore, when the father of the victim, the plaintiff in the case, refused, the PBI, Chittagong, on the orders of the court, entrusted more investigation.

PBI arrested Ariful Islam from Panchari Bazar on September 5 this year. When he was taken to court on September 6, he admitted his involvement and gave a statement under section 164 giving the details of the incident. Based on his information from Rangunia in Chittagong yesterday. When Julhas was arrested, he also gave a statement under section 164 in the Khagrachari court on Thursday.

PBI Chittagong district SI Paritosh Das said, after receiving the case, we started working under the guidance of Additional IG Banaj Kumar Majumdar and Superintendent of Police Nazmul Hasan. The two arrested have already given a confessional statement in the court.

PBI Chittagong District Superintendent of Police Nazmul Hasan said, “We always investigate the case deeply. Using our own sources and modern information technology, we are able to unravel the mystery of the case. While investigating, it is seen that the witness of the case is involved in the murder. The incident happened as planned.

He said that other accused will also be arrested soon.

The article is in Bengali

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