The body of a Bangladeshi was recovered from the border

The body of a Bangladeshi was recovered from the border
The body of a Bangladeshi was recovered from the border

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) recovered the body of a Bangladeshi youth named Tushar Khan (34) from the border of Rahimpur area of ​​Tripura state of India.

The body was recovered on Thursday evening and handed over to Comilla’s Brahmanpara police station.

Locals said that Tushar was picked up from the border area by the Indian Border Guard Force (BSF) and taken to the camp and beaten and seriously injured. Later, he was stripped and left in a state of confusion.

Tushar Khan is the son of Muslim Khan from Raninagar area of ​​Naogaon. It was initially reported that he had recently visited his mother-in-law’s house in Shasidal area of ​​Brahmanpara, Comilla.

According to local and BGB sources, in Narayanpur (Dakshinpara) area on the border of Brahmanpara, an Indian Muslim on his way home from the mosque on Thursday morning saw a young man lying seriously injured on the border.

He informed the imam of the mosque and left for his home in India. Later local people came to know about the matter and informed BGB members. On receiving the information, Shasidal BOP members went to the spot and found the youth lying in a critical condition on the Indian side of the border.

Later BGB sent a message and BSF came to the spot. At this time, BGB and BSF held flag meetings to confirm the nationality of the unidentified youth. Asma Begum, the mother-in-law of the injured youth went to the spot and confirmed his identity at 12 noon. By then the young man died.

At that time, BGB spoke to their higher authorities and informed the matter to Brahmanpara Upazila Health Complex and Police. On receiving the information, the police and the doctor of the health complex went to the spot and found the young man dead.

Asma Begum, the mother-in-law of the deceased said, “My husband is under treatment at Comilla Sadar Hospital.” Tushar came to the hospital on Wednesday morning to see my husband. From there at 10 am Tushar came to our house in Shasidal area. Tushar has not been seen since. We searched in different areas including Upazila Shasidal Railway Station and could not find him. After seeing the picture on Facebook this morning, I reached the spot from the hospital in the afternoon and confirmed that it was my brother’s son Tushar and confirmed the identity to BGB. Then he died.

Dr. Kazi Tanveer Absal, Medical Officer of Brahmanpara Upazila Health Complex, said that he went to the spot after receiving the news and found him dead. Various injuries were found on the deceased’s body.

Naib Subedar Abdul Khalek, BGB Commander of Shasidal BOP, said that the young man was lying unconscious in Rahimpur area, 10 feet from Narayanpur Dakshinpara in Bangladesh between 2058 Main Pillar 3S and 4S. Being inside India and not sure if he is a citizen of Bangladesh or India, I could not bring him to Bangladesh in time.

He said that the injured youth was lying on the Indian border. Therefore, according to international law, BSF is supposed to take them to their country and ensure medical care, but did not take any action. Later we informed the upazila health complex and police after knowing the identity of the youth. On receiving the information, the local police and the medical officer of the health complex reached the spot and declared him dead. Later in the evening we brought the young man’s body to the Bangladesh border and handed it over to the police.

Mohammad Ekramul Haque, Inspector (Investigation) of Brahmanpara Police Station, said that there were injury marks on the victim’s body. Later the dead body was handed over to us by the BGB.

Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Appela Raju Naha said Tushar’s body has been sent to Comilla Medical College Hospital morgue for post-mortem. After the legal process, the body will be handed over to the family.

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