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New Curriculum in All Classes by 2025 AD : Education Minister – Misc

Minister of Education Dr. Deepu Moni said, we are launching new curriculum. That curriculum will be launched in every educational institution of the country from next year. It will be implemented from next year and will be implemented in all classes till 2025 AD. We hope to achieve the quality of our education through the implementation of the new curriculum.

He said this while participating virtually in the reunion ceremony of former students at Sher Bangla Balika Mahavidyalaya, a traditional educational institution of Tikatuli in the capital, on Friday morning.

Remembering the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the four national leaders, the martyrs of the great liberation war and the language movement, the minister also said, I pay deep respect to the memory of the revolutionary Leela Nag, the founder of Sher Bangla Balika Mahavidyalaya. As an educationist at that time, as a pioneer in the establishment of women’s rights, he created many other institutions including this institution. Then the name of this institution was Nari Shiksha Mandir. Here was one of the main schools at that time. Many students of this institution have studied in this institution. This educational institution has made many successful women in this country and spread the light of education among many people.

The minister said that this institution has been running for a long time. The name of this institution has changed over time. Although the name has changed, this institution has been named after a great man. We all know about Sheree Bangla AK Fazlul Haque. Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a student of this institution. He returned after his tour of India last night. He must be happy to know that his school is having an alumni reunion. He may not be with you physically but he is with you mentally.

The president of the institution, Mohammad Riaz Uddin Riaz, thanked the reunion organizing committee along with the principal. Dipu Moni also said that this institution is a traditional institution. The government is doing everything necessary for its development and will do it inshallah. At the same time we want to improve the quality of education in this institution. Our Shere Bangla Balika Mahavidyalaya is part of the progress made in our education under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter.

President (Acting) Pradyut Kumar Bhadra gave a welcome address on the occasion under the chairmanship of the President of the governing body of the institution Mohammad Riaz Uddin Riaz. Senior Lecturer Jobeda Begum discussed. Former students reminisced on the occasion.

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