5 injured as under-construction building collapses in Delhi’s Azad Market

Delhi’s Azad Market area hit by a major accident. A four-storey building collapsed in that area. It was reported that 6-7 people were buried under the rubble of the building. This information was reported by the fire department. According to fire department sources, four fire engines were dispatched to the spot as soon as the information was received. At present relief and rescue work is going on at the spot. This terrible accident happened around 8 am. Police confirmed that four people were injured

According to the information, although the building was constructed recently, construction work was still going on in it. So far, four people have been confirmed injured by the police, who have been admitted to hospital. At present, senior officials of fire brigade and police are present at the spot. An eyewitness said that when the building collapsed, there was a loud explosion in the building, after which two people fell down in a bloody state and were rushed to the hospital.

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Eyewitnesses said that there was a lot of negligence in the construction of the building. He said, the structure of the building is very weak. The construction of this building was completed in a hurry. He said that the 4-storey building has been constructed within a month. No special attention was paid to the construction of multi-storied buildings, due to which this accident occurred. 5 people were injured in the accident, they were admitted to a nearby hospital.

An official of the fire department said, “The fire department received this information around 8:30, after which four engines were sent to the spot for rescue work.” He also said, “There is a danger that some people will be buried under the rubble.” Debris clearance and rescue operations are underway at the scene”.

Delhi Fire Department official Ravinder Singh said, “According to the information, about 6-7 workers are still trapped. 5 injured people have been referred to hospital. NDRF team also reached the spot. JCB is unable to reach the spot due to narrow lane”.

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