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What will happen with kajal if the eyes are less? Kolli in the famous song is true for the eyes but not for the hair. Kajla (read Kalp) works on the hair even if it does not work on the eyes. Black Kalp with white hair is a favorite look for many youngsters as well as elders. Even to political leaders.

But when time flows in the opposite direction, then it is no longer conforming to the pressure of the mind! That is clear in the face of Trinamool’s Birbhum district president Anuvrata Mandal. The difference between old Anuvrata and present Anuvrata is visible. Before he was arrested and jailed in a cow smuggling case, his black curly hair turned white on both sides due to lack of regular grooming. Dominance of white with black printing on the mustache.

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“I have not done anything wrong, I will be acquitted soon”, said a confident Kest from the court.

Anuvrata Mondal acquitted in Mangalkot blast case, Kesthar reacts after hearing the verdict, ‘Truth has won’

Bolpur councilor Biswajit Banerjee has seen the matter? He used to take care of Anuvrata’s clothes and everything else. A few days ago, the CBI also searched his house. Biswajit was contacted by Anandabazar Online on Friday but his phone was switched off. According to the sources close to Anubrata, Biswajit used to decide everything from clothes to who would do Keshdar’s hair. He used to summon ‘Narasunda’ to keep Anuvrata ‘beautiful’ for twelve months. One such person, on the condition of anonymity, said on Friday, “I have gone to kalp my grandfather’s hair several times. What I understood at that time, he dyed very often. But I can’t say how many days. In fact, I did not go every time. Many times others also went to get hair and mustache done.”

Those close to Kestor say that Anuvrata’s hair and mustache were regularly trimmed. Just in time. So that the white hair is not noticeable. Biswajit used to have strict surveillance. But that care cannot be taken by going to jail. Anuvrata’s hair color has changed during the long jail term. Anuvarat is spending 30 consecutive days in custody, first in CBI custody and then in the correctional facility till Friday. It is understood that his hair has been cut in the meantime. But the call did not fall. As a result, 62-year-old Anubrata’s hair and mustache have lost their normal color.

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'Am I a thief or a robber?' Kest said with Mamata next to him, no one stays in jail all his life!

‘Am I a thief or a robber?’ Kest said with Mamata next to him, no one stays in jail all his life!

Dalnetri says you will be 'respected like a hero', Anubrata says, 'I will go if I am released from jail'

Dalnetri says you will be ‘respected like a hero’, Anubrata says, ‘I will go if I am released from jail’

Incidentally, the same was seen with Trinamool MP Sudeep Banerjee. When he was arrested in January 2017 in the chit fund case. He was Sudeep with black hair and beard then. But when he was released on bail, he was recognized. Hair, beard and mustache are all white. Since then, however, Sudeep has not been seen dyeing his hair and beard black. Now everyone knows Sudeep with white hair and beard. Sudeep himself has got used to his new look.

However, his close followers think that ‘Kestada’ will be able to do hair again very soon. On Thursday, Mamata Banerjee had said that Anubrata should be ‘released from jail with the honor of a hero’. And on Friday, Anuvrata was acquitted in the Mangalkot blast case. After that he said, “Let me say one thing – I have not done anything wrong. So I was acquitted. I will be acquitted soon.” Of course, only Kest knows whether he will also follow Sudeep’s path after being acquitted.

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