One person was killed on the day he spoke of zero border killings: Mirza Fakhrul

After paying respects at the grave of the late President Ziaur Rahman in Sherebangla Nagar of the capital on Friday morning, the Secretary General of BNP made this comment when asked about the achievements of Bangladesh during the Prime Minister’s visit to India.

In this context, Mirza Fakhrul also said, ‘We can see the achievement of Bangladesh so far in this tour, which is 53 cusecs of water from the Kushiara river. Apart from this, we have not seen any visible achievements so far.’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina returned home on Thursday night after completing her four-day visit to India. During this visit, seven MoUs were signed with India on various issues including Kushiara river water withdrawal, railway modernization.

BNP Secretary General said, ‘We have said earlier that the government has become desperate. You must remember that before this visit the Foreign Minister (AK Abdul Momen) said that he requested the Indian leaders to take measures to sustain the Awami League government by any means.’
Fakhrul said, ‘We always believe in democracy and we believe that democratic countries will always play their role in upholding democracy and establishing people’s rights around the world. India is our friendly country, democratic country. We believe that India will also keep its democratic character intact.’

The article is in Bengali

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