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A.League leader shot dead publicly in Pabna

Pabna, September 9 – Saidar Rahman Malitha (50), executive member of Municipal Awami League, was shot dead in broad daylight in Hemayetpur, Pabna.

The murder took place in Bangabaria Mujib Dam area of ​​Hemayetpur Union of Sadar Upazila on Friday (September 9) afternoon.

Eyewitnesses said that Sider was sitting in a shop on the embankment in Bangabaria Bazar around 1:30 pm. At that time, a group of terrorists wearing helmets came and surrounded him. Then they started shooting at him. He died on the spot. When local people came forward after seeing the matter, the terrorists ran away.

Saddam Molla, the grandson of the deceased Saidar Rahman, said that he (Saidar) called him (Saddam) by calling at noon. The killing took place within 10 minutes of speaking at the market and heading home for Friday prayers.

Dilruba Jahan, the wife of the deceased, said that there was a dispute with Saidar Rahman regarding the deposit of land belonging to the former chairman of Hemayetpur UP, Alauddin Malitha. Alauddin had been threatening to kill him for days. Alauddin threatened to kill Sider on Thursday as well. Today he was publicly killed.

Asked what to do with the three minor children now, Dilruba said she wants those who killed her husband to be punished.

In this regard, Hemayetpur UP Chairman Jahangir Alam said, Alauddin and Saidar Rahman’s hereditary dispute over land is long-standing. This led to several fights between the two sides. Heard that the murder was due to that dispute.

Pabna Additional Superintendent of Police Masood Alam confirmed the truth of the incident and said that after receiving the information, the process of recovering the body from the spot has started. Initially, it is believed that this killing happened due to previous enmity. The matter is being investigated. Superintendent of Police Akbar Ali Munshi visited the spot. The police have started work to arrest the killers by collecting the CCTV footage.

Source: Country Transformation
IA/ 9 September 2022

The article is in Bengali

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