King Charles III will address the nation today

King Charles III will address the nation today
King Charles III will address the nation today

King Charles III will address the nation on Friday to mark the start of his new chapter as the country mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The death of the queen ended her 70-year reign in the country.
Charles, 73, became king on Thursday shortly after his mother’s death at a Scottish Highland retreat. Tributes are paid to him at home and abroad.
He will return to London from Balmoral this Friday. The Queen, 96, died ‘peacefully’ at Balmoral on Thursday after a year-long illness.
Charles is set to pre-record details of his inauguration speech, the palace did not immediately reveal, but it is part of a detailed 10-day pre-planning that has been in the works for decades.
Also on Friday, the new King Charles will make his first public address alongside Prime Minister Liz Truss. He appointed Lis Truss as Prime Minister on the Tuesday before the Queen’s death.
Charles will meet the officials in charge of his mother’s extensive internal surgery on Friday.
He will decide on the length of the royal family’s mourning period, which is expected to last a month. However, the UK government will observe 10 days of national mourning.
The Queen will be honored with a round of song salutes for each year of her life from the Tower of London, an ancient royal fortress on the River Thames, across Hyde Park in central London.
Church bells will ring and Union flags will be flown at half-mast at Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and Windsor Castle, among others.
Truss and other senior ministers are set to attend a mass memorial service in St Paul’s and the UK Parliament will begin a two-day special session to pay tribute to the Queen.
In 1952, Elizabeth II became Queen of the British Empire. He died at a time when Britain was trying to pass emergency legislation to deal with the economic crisis caused by the war.

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