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A year has passed since the murder of Akbar Hossain, a student of the 2016-17 session of Jagannath University (JOB) Management Department, but the administration is yet to complete the investigation. Therefore, the ordinary students of the university formed a human chain to demand the speedy trial of the killers.

Akbar’s family and classmates held this program in front of Bhasha Shaheed Rafiq Bhawan of the university on Friday (September 9) around 12 noon.

Akbar’s older sister Jobi’s former student Mosa at a press conference held at the end of the human chain. Labani Khanam Ankhi said, on August 27 last year, my brother was killed by being thrown from a flyover in Chittagong. The administration has not been able to find out who or who committed the murder through proper investigation.

He said that when Akbar was rescued and taken to the hospital, a deep wound was seen on the left side of his waist. Akbar was thrown from the flyover and suffered major head injuries. Bleeding in the brain. Akbar died in the early morning of September 1 after fighting for life and death at the Chittagong Medical College (Chamek) hospital for five consecutive days.

He also said that based on the doctor’s statement and evidence collected by the Chittagong Khulshi police station, the police confirmed that it was a premeditated murder. However, even after a year of the incident, the criminals are out of touch. As the police could not collect any satisfactory information for a long time, the investigation was handed over to Chittagong PBI. But PBI is still unable to make any progress.

Akbar’s classmates and university students who participated in the human chain said that Akbar was killed in a planned manner. Even after a year, we are still in a fog about the mystery of this murder. With the investigation handed over to the PBI, we hoped that the mystery would be unraveled soon. But Chittagong PBI could not give us any answer.

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