40 injured in fox rampage in Berar village

40 injured in fox rampage in Berar village
40 injured in fox rampage in Berar village

At least 40 people from three villages including children, elderly and women were injured by a group of foxes in New Varenga Union of Bara Upazila. 15 of them are in critical condition. On Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 9:00 pm, a group of foxes rampaged and created a frightening situation, the victims said. Later, the fox group fled in the face of resistance from the villagers. A fox was caught and beaten to death by the villagers.

Residents and families of victims and local veterinarian Khairul Islam said that around 7:30 in the evening, a group of foxes came to the locality from Batiyakhara cemetery and first bit Abdul Quader (60), Laltu (55), and Wazed (30) who were staying in Batiyakhara primary school grounds. Later, a group of jackals attacked various houses.

During their attack, at least 20 people including Anjuara Khatun (42), Jasmine (14), Ranjana (25), Niloy (7), Rabeya (9), Rehena (45), Razia were injured. Later, the fox gang attacked nearby Raksa and Sona Padma, Chakpara villages and injured at least 20 people. 20 to 25 people including Kalu Mia (60), Samchul Islam (40), Abu Musa (26) of Chakpara village were injured. The injured were sent to upazila headquarter with first aid locally. Rehena Khatun (45), wife of Bachchu Mia of Batiyakhara village, said that she was staying in the house at night. While loadshedding was going on, a pack of jackals came in the dark and pounced on him. He was rescued and taken to the hospital in an injured condition, and 9 stitches were given to the wound.

Bara Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Doctor Fatema-Tuz Jannat said that two or three people have come and taken rabies vaccine so far in the night incident. If the affected people come to the health center, they will also be given the vaccine, he said.

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