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The price of eggs and chicken has increased

The price of eggs and chicken has increased
The price of eggs and chicken has increased

Chittagong: A dozen of eggs and chicken have increased by Tk 10 per kg. The price of vegetables and fish does not match relief.

On Friday (September 9) it was seen that broiler chickens which were sold at 160 taka last week are being sold at 170 taka in Bahaddarhat Bazaar and Chowk Bazaar of the city. Domestic chicken is being sold at Tk 520 per kg increased by Tk 10. Farm eggs which were sold at Tk 120 last week are being sold at Tk 130.

Swarna or fine coarse rice has reduced by 2 taka to 52 taka per kg, Pajam has reduced by 3 taka to 68 taka per kg, BR-28 rice has reduced by 2 taka to 63 taka, Miniket has reduced by 2 taka to 58 taka. Besides, the price of all types of rice in the market has decreased by Tk 3 to Tk 4 per kg.

Motiur Rahman, a trader at Bahaddarhat raw market, told Banglanews that the price of chicken has increased by Tk 10. In addition, the cost of labor and transportation increases the price of eggs.

Vegetables are not available below 50 rupees in city markets. Round Eggplant is selling at Tk 80, Long Eggplant Tk 60, Hybrid Cucumber Tk 80, Chichinga Tk 40, Kachumukhi Tk 50, Barabati Tk 70, Potal Tk 40, Gourd Tk 60, Pumpkin Tk 40, and Dwarf Tk 40. Beans and tomatoes are being sold at Tk 120.

In the market, large size hilsa is being sold at 1,200 taka, medium size hilsa at 700 to 800 taka, small size hilsa at 550 to 600 taka. Roi fish is selling at Tk 320 per kg, Tilapia fish at Tk 160, Horn fish at Tk 350, Kai fish at Tk 200 to Tk 250 per kg.

Bangladesh Time: 1350 hours, September 9, 2022


The article is in Bengali

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