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The price of foreign fruits is high, the demand for domestic ones has increased

Prices of imported fruits have increased in Rajshahi. Traders claim that the price has increased by Tk 30-50 per kg depending on the fruit. For this they are blaming the import deficit. However, due to equal nutritional value and adequate supply in the market, the demand for domestically grown fruits has increased.

Most of the fruit traders in Rajshahi operate from vans or set up temporary shops. Imported fruits now in demand in the market include apples, oranges, malta, cherries and red grapes. And native fruits include lemons, pineapples, guavas and bananas. However, in the Barendra area of ​​Rajshahi, dragon fruit and green malta are currently being cultivated at a large rate. The demand of these fruits is also increasing in the local market.

Saheb Bazar, Lakshmipur, Binodpur, Bhadra, Upshahar Newmarket area of ​​Rajshahi city can be seen by visiting, three types of apples are sold in the fruit markets of these areas. Out of which small sized Australian apples are being sold at Tk 200 per kg. And green apple 250, royal sala apple 250, orange 230-240 and orange malta are being sold at Tk 220 per kg. Bedana or Anar is being sold for 350-400 rupees depending on the size. Red grapes are being sold at 400 taka. Green grapes are almost non-existent in the market.

Ashraf, a fruit trader in Saheb Bazar area, told Jago News that they have to buy fruits by carrying cartons. Each carton contains 20-25 kg of fruit. They have to buy fruits by paying 200-400 rupees more per cartoon in a week. Importers say that they have to buy these products at a higher rate due to the increase in the price of fuel oil and dollar. Because of this they are keeping the price of imported fruits high. Which has an impact on the retail market. However, there is sufficient supply of domestically produced fruits in the market. Their prices are relatively low.


Biplab, a fruit trader in Bhadra area, said that the price of foreign fruits is a bit high. However, currently there are various varieties of fruits produced in the country in the market. Notable among which are Batabi lemon, pineapple, guava, dragon fruit and green malta. Demand for lemons and pineapples is already high during the monsoon season. On top of that, dragon fruit and green malta have taken over some of the fruit market. Dragon fruit is being sold at Tk 400 per kg. And green malt is being sold at Tk 90, while imported malt is Tk 220 per kg.


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