After the murder of the minors of Baguiati, Satyendra was running away very cautiously, what mistake did he get caught in the police trap?


First Published Sep 9, 2022, 2:56 PM IST

It was not an easy task for the police to find Satyendra, the killer of the two students of Baguiati. This criminal was very careful and cautious. Ever since he committed the heinous crime, the police have been chasing him relentlessly. But the very cunning Satyendra was one step ahead of the investigative team. It is known that Satyendra is good at keeping the ‘location’ secret. He could not be traced as he changed his SIM repeatedly to keep his ‘location’ secret.

The police had been searching for Satyendra since last August 24. But Satyendra escapes very quickly and hides his real location. It became almost impossible for the police to trace him. Even the top brass of the intelligence agency CID were getting involved in various problems to catch the criminal. It is learned that investigation has started on the guest house and the vehicle used by the culprit when he killed the two minors. But, the criminal Satyendra was nowhere to be found.

According to police sources, Satyendra Chowdhury had planned to run away from West Bengal. The plan was to travel to another state by train. He chooses Howrah station as his escape route. But, in order to survive the chase of the police, he spends all the money he had at that time in an attempt to escape. So he needs money to buy tickets. During the financial crisis he repeatedly forgot to switch SIMs to hide his location from investigators. In danger, he asks for money from one of his relatives. But he did not know that the police had also tracked his relative’s phone. After talking on the phone, his relative transacted money with him online. This time the police found his location. They continue to monitor his location through network towers. When the police located him at the Howrah station, a team of Bidhannagar police in plain clothes quickly went and arrested him. It is known that Satyendra was buying tickets at that time. He was then taken to Bidhannagar Commissionerate.

Satyendra Chowdhury is the mastermind behind the murder of two students of Baguiati, Atanu Dey and Abhishek Naskar. It is known that Atanu gave 50 thousand rupees to Satyendra to buy his bike. Satyendra called him on the night of 22 August with the name of showing the bike. Atanu takes Abhishek with him to show the bike. Police suspect that they were killed that night. The bodies of Atanu and Abhishek were recovered on August 23 in Najat police station area and on August 25 in Haroa. In just 3 weeks, the police caught the accused criminal.

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