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Anubra Mandal Cattle Scam CBI TMC Leader

Anubra Mandal Cattle Scam CBI TMC Leader
Anubra Mandal Cattle Scam CBI TMC Leader

Anubrata Mandal: 700 bhari jewelery in Keshtar Kali Puja, CBI eyes sources of wealth

Bolpur: CBI is active in the case of cattle trafficking (Cattle Scam). And this time CBI’s eye on Anubrata Mandal’s Kali Puja jewelry. His enthusiasm for Kali Puja is visible. There was no less noise about it. This time, the central investigation agency noticed that Kesthar donated 700 bhari gold jewelry to Maa Kali. At present, the market price of which is about four crore rupees. What is the source of this jewelry, since when the purchase of gold is going on, how was it bought, CBI is active to find answers to these questions. For this reason, the investigating agency summoned a famous gold merchant of Bolpur regarding this gold jewellery.

For several years, the district Trinamool Congress party office in Bolpur decorated Mother with about 700 bharis of gold ornaments during Kali Puja. This time, CBI has started an investigation to find out where so much gold comes from. The question is raised, where did this four million rupees of gold jewelry come from? The Central Intelligence Agency is investigating the answer.

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According to CBI sources, the central intelligence has summoned a gold dealer to find the source of this gold jewellery. Besides questioning him, he was asked to know whether he was the only one who supplied this jewelry, or someone else was behind it. On the other hand, officials of two private banks in Bolpur were summoned to the CBI’s temporary camp office in Santiniketan on Friday to get the whereabouts of Kestor’s property and money in the cow smuggling case.

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