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‘Golden Durga’ is still worshiped in Jaipur’s royal palace.

‘Golden Durga’ is still worshiped in Jaipur’s royal palace.
‘Golden Durga’ is still worshiped in Jaipur’s royal palace.

Purulia, September 9: Purulia is different from Jaipur Rajbari puja and five pujas (Golden Durga). Because here Goddess Durga is golden. Height is two and a half feet. The statue is made of gold. Along with it is a beautiful silver throne. Goddess idol is placed on mangalghat. Two bales of the same size side by side. This statue is kept in the bank locker throughout the year From the sixth to the tenth day of the puja, the idol is installed in the temple and worshiped After the puja, the idol was again kept in the locker

Even though there is no zamindari custom, the pooja of Rajbari is still performed in Sambar Durga temple of Jaipur royal family has been newly constructed this year. Sankaranarayan Singh Deo, a member of the royal family, said that the entrance to the temple was very small. The temple was rebuilt keeping in mind the convenience of the devotees The entrance of the new temple has also been enlarged

‘Golden Durga’ is still worshiped in royal palaces.

This golden Durga was donated by Maharaja Kashinath Singh in the history of Jaipur. According to royal family records, a fire broke out in the thatched roof of the Durga Temple in the Rajbari of Jaipur between 1830-1835. A fire breaks out from the puja lamp Although at that time idols were not worshiped during Durgotsavam of Jaipur Rajbari. Navapatrika and the legend of Jaisingh, the founder of Jaipur, worshiped the sword. Worried King Kashinath and his family staged a dharna in the temple. It is said that he received a dream of the goddess. According to that order, the double gold idol of the goddess was brought from Varanasi.

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Although the golden idol is kept in the Rajbari, in 1970 a terrible robbery took place in the Rajbari. Many ornaments of the goddess and other things are stolen. However, the robbers did not see the idol wrapped in red shawl. Since then, except for a few days of puja, the idol of Devi remains in the bank locker all year round. Rhymes during Durga Puja only

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