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Wang Su Long was born on September 17, 1989 in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China. He graduated from the composition department of Shenyang Conservatory of Music. He is a famous singer and musician in the pop music scene in mainland China.

He was very interested in music since childhood. He started learning classical music while studying in secondary school. While studying at the university, he released his artwork on various music networks and topped several music charts. As a result, he became a professional singer when the record company signed him.

The song you heard a while ago is taken from Wang Soo Long’s second album ‘Attraction’ released in August 2012. The song earned him a solid foothold in the music market of China’s Taiwan Province. In September and October 2012, Wang Su Long held a nationwide traveling album sales event in China. In November of the same year, Wang Su Long held concerts with his friend Biwetu in Wuhan, China, and Guangzhou.

On December 31, 2012, Wang Su Long performed the song on stage at China Central Television CCTV’s New Year Cultural Program. In January 2013, he created a single promotion song for an internet game, the song is called “Imperial Dragon, Hidden in the Mirror”.

In August 2013, Wang Su Long visited his fans in Taiwan Province. On April 16, 2014, Wang Su Long ended his contract with Meimiao Music Company and established his own Image Music Music Company and released the single “Subtle”. Besides, in June 2014 he released new album ‘Mahan Sangeet’. Classical music was throughout the album.

Wang Su Long’s third album ‘So-Perfect’ was released in October 2015. This is a song from the album “Galaxy”. Inspiration for songwriting comes from astronomy and physics. He said, Galaxy is a love knot in his heart. He hopes, through the song, he will meet another self.

“Growth Ring” is the break song of a TV drama in mainland China. In addition to composing the lyrics and music, Wang Soo Long sings the song. The song was released in July 2015 and won the annual TV and Film Gold Song Award at an awards ceremony that year. The TV drama was very popular that year.

“My Best Summer” is the name of a youth school film. The film tells the story of Genggeng and Yuhua, high school students who bond over their names. During the three years they grow up together, the story of reunion after separation. The song called “Gang” is from the name of the character. Wang Soo Long composed the song especially for the film.

Ending today’s ‘Song For You’ program with Wang Su Long’s ‘Sudden Love Story/A Beautiful Smile’.


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