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‘I don’t want to sue, so I can live after eating’

‘I don’t want to sue, so I can live after eating’
‘I don’t want to sue, so I can live after eating’

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The body of businessman Tokon Ali was recovered 26 hours after he jumped into the river after being chased by the police in Alamdanga, Chuadanga. Two constables including ASI Zahidul Islam have been locked up in the police line in this incident.

Meanwhile, the victim’s wife said – I don’t want to file a case in this incident; He made arrangements so that I could eat and survive with my children.

The diving team recovered Tokon Ali’s body yesterday afternoon. His body was found in Anupnagar area of ​​Mathabhanga river, about 6 km from the spot. Even though there is a case of death in the police station, the police have allowed the body to be buried without post-mortem.

According to local sources, four people, including vegetable trader Tokon Ali, son of Odu Chhaddin of Bhangbaria village of Alamdanga upazila of Chuadanga, were playing cards in a bamboo garden in Ferighatpara of the village on Wednesday afternoon. Around 12 noon local Hatbowalia outpost police raided there. Although two were caught by the police, Nazim Uddin and Tokon Ali jumped into the nearby river Mathabhanga.

After a while, Nazim Uddin swam to the other side, but Tokon Ali (38) drowned in the current. With the help of the police, the members of the fire service searched all day on Wednesday but did not find Token. On Thursday morning, the diving team came from Khulna and started searching again. Finally, Token’s body was found floating in the Mathabhanga river at Anupnagar village, 6 km away from the spot around 2 pm.

Tokon Ali’s wife Mita Khatun (30) said, We are very poor people. My husband never gambles. My daughter is a 6th standard student. Son Samura is only 5 years old. We don’t want to file a lawsuit. Litigation costs money. Where can I get it? Make an arrangement if you can; So that I can survive with two handfuls of my sons and daughters.

Many people in the village reacted angrily and said that the common people of the village often spend their time playing cards. The four people who were chased by the police along with the token on Wednesday, are hard-working people. Never gamble. The police chase was planned to take Utkot. Token does not know how to swim but jumps into the river fearing the police and drowns.

In this regard, OC Abdul Alim, in charge of Alamdanga police station, told the media that the authorities are seriously investigating the allegations against the accused policemen. Besides, the accused ASI Zahidul Islam, Constable Zahidul Islam and Constable Badrul Alam of Hatbowalia camp were closed in the police line on Wednesday night. Following the request of Tokon Ali’s family, his body was handed over to the family without post-mortem.

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