Anuvrata was acquitted

Kolkata: Anuvrata was acquitted in the Mangalkot case He was acquitted due to lack of evidence The court pronounced the verdict of a riot in the area under Mangalkot police station before the polls that took place in 2010.

In that case, names of 15 people including Trinamool MLA Sheikh Shahnawaz of Anubrata Mandal, Ketugram were involved. One person died during the trial. Anubrata was brought to Bidhannagar from Asansol Jail on Friday Presented to the court 14 people including Anuvrata were acquitted due to lack of evidence

Trinamool district president of Birbhum Anubrata Mondal commented again before coming to Kolkata On this day, he said, “Didi is by my side, that’s enough. I don’t need anyone else. No one stays in jail all his life.” After being acquitted, he said, “Truth has won. Filed a false case in 2010. Did I do something wrong? Just keep watching It will be seen only when the panchayat polls are held.”

On the other hand, according to CBI sources, the market value of the 570 bhari gold jewelery donated to Maa Kali by Keshta is around Rs 3 crore. CBI has started an investigation to find out where this gold comes from The central investigation agency has called the businessman who works to make this gold jewelry and started questioning

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