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Nitish Kumar Prashant Kishor : ‘Let 12 months pass…’, Prashant Kishor replies to Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar comment on him

A new turn in Bihar politics. Nitish Kumar vs Prashant Kishor’s war of words is a hot politics. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar lashed out at his one-time ally, Vot Kushli Prashant Kishor during his visit to Delhi. Bihar’s ‘Sushasanbabu’ even commented that Prashant Kishor is trying to help BJP. His complaint was, PK doesn’t even know his ABC’s of what the government has done. This comment got a reply from PK. “Let 12 months go by, then we’ll ask who knows ABC and who knows XYZ,” he quipped.

Prashant Kishor: ‘Nitish in front of Modi’, PK deleted the picture after posting it
Nitish vs PK in Bihar
Last month, Nitish Kumar left the BJP in Bihar and formed the government with the Grand Alliance. Despite changing political partners, his chief ministerial chair remains intact. Prashant Kishore opened his mouth in this context. Bihar’s son PK has started a political program in his state called Jan Suraj Yatra. After Nitish’s change of political alliance, PK started a poll on his Twitter handle. His question “This is Nitishkumar’s sixth attempt to form a government in the last 10 years. What do you think will be good for Bihar and the people of Bihar?”

Nitish Kumar fired back on Wednesday in response to a question about Prashant Kishor’s criticism. He said, “The comments of Prashant Kishor have no relevance. Prashant Kishor knows what we have done since 2005, how much we have done? They only understand propaganda and statements. When someone keeps saying these things, one should understand that he must have something in mind. Maybe want to stay with BJP or help BJP.”
Nitish Kumar: ‘Maybe he wants to help BJP’ Nitish Kumar explosive on PK
Soon after, four pictures of Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi were posted by Prashant Kishor’s Twitter handle without comment on Thursday. The pictures of Nitish with folded hands in front of the Prime Minister were, however, deleted from Twitter shortly after.

Nitish Kumar: ‘Operation Lotus’ at the center of discussion, Nitish Kumar-Arvind Kejriwal face to face
PK’s reply to Nitish

After deleting the tweet, Prashant Kishore opened his mouth in view of Nitish’s comments. He told the All India media, “Give it 12 months. Then we will ask who knows ABC and who knows XYZ.” After working for Nitish Kumar, Prashant Kishore also joined Janata Dal United for a few days. In 2020, he severed all ties with Nitish Kumar’s party.

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