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4-storey building collapsed in Delhi’s Azad Market, 3 workers died

Banglahunt Desk: Tragic accident in the capital. An under-construction four-storey house collapsed in Delhi’s Azad Market area. There are reports of death of three workers. It is also feared that 6 to 7 more workers are buried in the rubble. The fire brigade reached there after the accident. It is known that the rescue operation is going on at this moment.

News of the collapse of a four-storey building in Delhi’s Azad Market has come to the fore. 3 working laborers have already died in this tragic accident. At least 6 to 7 more workers are suspected to be trapped under the collapsed house. This incident took place at around 8:50 am yesterday. The fire brigade reached on receiving the news. The rescue operation also started. By 9:30 minutes, ADO Ravinder said, ‘3 people have died in this accident. Another 6 to 7 workers were buried under the debris.

Repair work was going on at Shishamahl house in Azad market area. The house collapsed suddenly. It is feared that he is buried under the rubble. So far, the government has confirmed the death of 3 workers. The news of the collapse of the house came at 8:50. The rescuers started working quickly.

Locals also joined hands with the rescue team. The house had four floors. So his destruction stack is also very high. Police and local people are working together. According to local people, there is a possibility that several laborers are trapped here. But no one knows the exact number.

Officials said that the news of house collapse reached them around 8:30 am. It is said that the house number 754 of Shishamahl has collapsed. Immediately, 4 fire engines reached the spot. The rescue operation started immediately.

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