Baguiati Murder || Arrested main accused of Baguiati murder, Satyendra Chowdhury was arrested from Howrah station premises

Kolkata : The main accused of Baguiati murder was arrested by the Bidhannagar police after a long struggle Satyendra Chowdhury was arrested from Howrah station premises on Friday morning The police found him by locating the phone tower He kept repeating the location, Satyendra’s plan was to escape by train But that wish was not successful According to sources, he may be produced in court today I want to be hanged in front of everyone – the demands of the families of the dead students

Who is Satyendra Chowdhury? The family of dead student Atanu De alleged that Panda Satyendra was the mastermind of the whole conspiracy. Allegedly, this Satyendra took two students on the pretext of buying a motorbike on August 22 and strangulated Atanu De and Abhishek Naskar to death. But even after the whole incident became clear to the police, the police could not reach the mastermind of the murder for a long time The residents of the area were furious with that.

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Finally, Satyendra was caught by the police on Friday The plan was to go out of this state today after getting the money from the travel agency That’s not all The state police has to face repeated questions about the Baguiati incident Many people have repeatedly raised questions about the laxity of the state police Many have also raised allegations of laxity in the police investigation Then the search began The main panda was arrested 2 weeks after the twin murders

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First published: September 09, 2022, 10:02 IST

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Tags: Baguiati Murder Arrested main accused Baguiati murder Satyendra Chowdhury arrested Howrah station premises

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