The price of vegetables and chicken has increased, the dozen of eggs is 130

The price of vegetables and chicken has increased, the dozen of eggs is 130
The price of vegetables and chicken has increased, the dozen of eggs is 130

Dhaka: Commodity market is again volatile. Even though the supply is fine, the price of broiler and country chicken has increased by Tk 10 per kg in a span of seven days.

Besides, at the retail level, every dozen farm eggs were sold at a higher price of Tk 10.

Besides, all kinds of vegetables and fish were sold at high prices even if they were not grown anew. However, the price of rice and flour has decreased.

This information was learned after visiting the capital’s New Market, Hatirpool, Azimpur on Friday (September 9) and talking to buyers and sellers.

Newmarket retailer Sajib Hossain said that early last month, the price of eggs increased due to the syndicate of wholesalers. That’s why at that time every dozen eggs had to be sold at 155 to 160 taka. That’s why I sold every dozen eggs last week for Tk 120. Now the wholesale market has increased the price again and has to sell at 130 rupees.

On the other hand, broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 180 per kg with an increase of Tk 10, these sellers said.

Nasir Uddin, Publicity Secretary of the Multipurpose Egg Traders Association, said that after the administration’s campaign, the price of eggs dropped unreasonably. Now the price is trying to return to normal. A few days ago the price had gone up a lot.

Talking to the sellers, it is known that beans, tomatoes and carrots have been sold for Tk 120 to Tk 140 per kg in the retail market. Besides, each piece of gourd was sold for 60-70 taka. Barab is 80-90 per kg, bitter gourd 80, brinjal 60-70, patol 40-50, dhundal 60, shrimp 40-50, saffron 40 and per kg cucumber is sold at Tk 80.

Meanwhile, it can be seen that the fish market has been sold for Tk 320-450 per kg. Tilapia, 50 kg fish sold at 160-200 taka. Per kg hornfish was sold at Tk 350-460. 200-250 taka per kg of kaimash. And a kg of Pabda fish was sold for Tk 350-500.

According to the government agency TCB, the prices of rice, sugar, lentils, dry chillies, ginger, cumin, cloves, cardamom, hilsa fish, beef, powdered milk, salt and farm eggs have increased in the last one month after the increase in fuel oil prices.

The prices of various cosmetics including soap, toothpaste, coconut oil have increased up to 44 percent. Earlier, the price of half a kg of detergent was 60 taka, now it is 90 taka. The price of Tk 52 soap is now Tk 75. However, TCB does not keep track of the price fluctuations of these products.

According to TCB, the price of dry chilli has increased the most in the market in the last one month. Last month the price of pepper was Tk 300-330, now it is Tk 350-450. On the other hand, the price of open flour increased by 20.73 percent during the same period. Earlier it was sold at 40-42 taka, but now it has stopped at 47-52 taka. Although the price of packaged flour increased by 15.31 percent during this period.

The prices of the products which have increased by up to 27 percent, but the price of the three products (potatoes, mung dal, chicken) in the list of decrease have decreased by 4.76 percent, 6.12 percent and 6.90 percent respectively. In other words, the analysis of data shows that the price of the product is increasing at a rate that is not decreasing.

In this regard, Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) President Golam Rahman said, the way the price of a product increases in the country is not adjusted later. Even if the price is reduced, none of the companies or sellers want to implement it in the market.

Bangladesh Time: 1042 hours, September, 2022

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