Chicken Price: Chicken 220 before the weekend, the price will increase on Sunday? – chicken price hike in kolkata check market rate for today

Kolkata Chicken Price: The prices of fish and meat are increasing silently across Kolkata and suburbs. The prices of vegetables are not far behind. Due to the increase in the price of daily necessities in the market, the pressure is increasing on the pocket of the common people. Especially the pockets of the middle and lower-middle class are virtually empty. Vegetables like tomato, cabbage have increased in price. On the other hand, hilsa is also sold at high prices at the end of the season. Besides, the price of several other fish has increased several times than before. Let’s see the prices of vegetables and fish in the market today. Below are the prices based on Kolkata and suburban markets-

First let’s look at the vegetable market today –

Potato (Jyoti)- Rs.30 per kg
Potato (Chandramukhi) – 36 to 38 rupees per kg
Eggplant – Rs 40 to Rs 45 per kg
Tomato – Rs 75 to Rs 85 per kg
Cauliflower – Rs 30 to Rs 40 per piece
Cabbage – 50 rupees per kg
Patal – Rs 40 to Rs 50 per kg

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Bhindi or Dhyandash – Rs 45 to Rs 50 per kg
Pumpkin – Rs 40 to Rs 45 per kg
Raw bananas – Rs 10 to Rs 12 per pair
Papaya – Rs 20 to Rs 25 per kg
Patilebu – 2 rupees per piece
Green Chilli – Rs 16 per 100 g (Beldanga)
Kundri – 30 rupees per kg
Onion – 30 rupees per kg

Let’s take a look at Friday’s fish market update

Cotton gin – Rs 200 per kg
Rui fish- 240 to 260 rupees per kg
Katla Fish – Starting from Tk 350 per kg
Pabda fish – medium size Tk 450 per kg
Hilsa – medium size price Rs 800 per kg (500 gram fish)
Bhola – Starting from Tk 250 per kg
Lotte fish – 130 to 140 taka per kg

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Let’s look at today’s meat prices

Chicken – Rs 210 to Rs 225 per kg
Whole chicken – Rs 150 to Rs 160 per kg
Mutton – Rs 680 to Rs 720 per kg

The article is in Bengali

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