Shamim Osman wants to stage ‘Jazmiya’ play on Takki’s murder: Rabbi

Shamim Osman wants to stage ‘Jazmiya’ play on Takki’s murder: Rabbi
Shamim Osman wants to stage ‘Jazmiya’ play on Takki’s murder: Rabbi

Rafiur Rabbi, convenor of Terrorism Eradication stage, said that parliament member Shamim Osman wants to stage a drama ‘Jazmiya’ about the murder of Tukki.

He said that those who investigated the murder of Tukki are still alive. None of the police-RAB died. So these dramas will not be useful.

The rabbi said these things during the lighting ceremony at Ali Ahmed Chunka Nagar Auditorium in the city on Thursday (September 8) night.

On the occasion of nine and a half years (114 months) of the killing of Tanveer Muhammad Tukki and the lack of justice, this burning program was organized by Narayanganj Cultural Association.

Rafiur Rabbi said, lawlessness and authoritarian rule have brought the country to a terrible level. Judiciary, freedom of speech, voting rights, democracy are all in question today. Natural death is not guaranteed. Death is not judgment. Although the killer was identified, the murder of Tukki was not prosecuted for nine and a half years.

He also said that criminals are roaming under the umbrella of the ruling group. Impunity has been institutionalized by the government. Even before independence, there was no precedent of injustice.

Under the chairmanship of Narayanganj Cultural Jot President Bhabani Shankar Roy and general secretary Shaheen Mahmud, children’s organizer Rathin Chakraborty, member secretary of Tantras Nirmul Takki Manch Halim Azad, Daily Khabar page editor Mahabubur Rahman Masum and former president of Narayanganj Cultural Jot Advocate Pradeep Ghosh were also present. Babu etc.

On March 6, 2013, Tanveer Muhammad Takki went missing after leaving his home on Shaista Khan Road in the city. Two days later, on March 8, the police recovered his body from the Kumudini branch canal of Shitalakshya river. Since then, the Narayanganj Cultural Alliance has been holding a light-burning program on the 8th of every month to demand the trial of Tukki murder and the arrest of the identified accused.

Mobashvir Shravan/SJ/GKS

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