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The work is not finished even in 10 years, the term is increasing for another year

The work is not finished even in 10 years, the term is increasing for another year
The work is not finished even in 10 years, the term is increasing for another year

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project started in December 2012 to facilitate the connection of Gazipur with Dhaka. It was supposed to be completed in four years, but it was not completed in 10 years. The project has claimed 11 lives in accidents in ten years. And to build a 20 km (down and over) road, dust and traffic jams have been a constant companion for almost a decade. In this situation, it has been proposed to extend the project period by one more year i.e. till December 2023.

Meanwhile, the project cost of Tk 2 thousand 39 crore has increased to Tk 4 thousand 268 crore. Apart from this, even though allocations are made for traffic safety, sometimes accidents happen. For this reason, the Planning Commission has raised questions about that expenditure.

A project evaluation committee (PEC) meeting was held at the Planning Commission on Thursday to extend the duration of the new BRT project till December 2023. In the meeting, the planning commission raised questions about the money spent on traffic protection of the project due to the negligence of the project concerned.

According to the Planning Commission, Tk 5 crore 57 lakh is being spent on ‘maintenance and protection of traffic’ in the general and site facilities part of the project. However, due to not ensuring proper security in the project area during the project, several accidents including the recent tragic accident have occurred. In such a situation, the Planning Commission has asked to know the rationale of this money allocation and expenditure and the reason why security is not ensured even after the expenditure.

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Since the start of the construction work, there have been four major accidents due to the collapse of the girder of the BRT runway. Among them, it fell on a car while lifting a girder in Uttara’s Jasimuddin area on August 14. Five people including children were killed in this incident. Earlier, on July 15, a security guard was killed after being crushed under a girder in Gazipur city.

On March 14 last year, there were two incidents of guard collapse in the airport area and Abdullahpur on the same day. Six people involved in the construction were injured. Three of them were Chinese nationals.

Regarding repeated accidents in the BRT project, Member Secretary of Physical Infrastructure Department of Planning Commission Satyajit Karmakar said, “We are very dissatisfied with their work. I told them that they should do the work within the specified time. And asked to standardize the work by adopting ‘safety-first’ principle.

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Overall, transport expert and professor of civil engineering department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Samchul Haque said, this is a weak project. The purpose for which BRT was conceived did not happen. Due to not being able to do it in the specified time, the suffering of the people has increased. Costs have more than doubled. There is no place as expensive as Bangladesh. Even though so much is spent, it is not working accordingly. There is no accountability for the work being done. There is no ‘safety-first’ policy at work. This is why so many accidents are happening.


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