Biden administration gives money to Pakistan to repair warplanes after waking up Modi, Pakistan gets 450 million dollar package from US for F-16 fleet, India keeps eye on that

Biden on Trump’s opposite path –

That country’s foreign office says the money will largely meet Pakistan’s current requirements in terms of aid. It should be noted that in 2018, Trump announced the end of all defense and security aid to Pakistan. US President Joe Biden actually stood there and walked in the opposite direction of Trump. It needs to be said, this is the biggest security aid from America after Trump.

450 million USD is required

This is clearly stated in a directive from the US Congress. As stated, Pakistan is being given financial assistance for the maintenance of F-16 fighter jets. And America thinks 450 million US dollars is needed for its maintenance. And it is reported that the US Congress has decided that the related equipment will be given to Islamabad. America thinks it is taking important steps in the fight against terrorism. Not only that, America also thinks that there is a need to increase the power of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism. And the US State Department claims that this decision was made after considering all aspects.

New Delhi is watching

New Delhi is watching

It must be said that India has remained neutral in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Modi even met Putin when the whole world was desperate to isolate Russia. Which was not taken well by the Biden administration. Analysts think so. And for that reason, this money is considered to help Pakistan by putting pressure on India. However, according to another section, America needs India to stop China. However, no response has been given by India so far in this regard. But according to sources, New Delhi is keeping an eye on the whole situation. It is also believed to be news from New Delhi that the matter is being looked at seriously.

The F-16 is the most advanced fighter jet

The F-16 is the most advanced fighter jet

It must be said that the F-16 in Pakistan’s hands is the most advanced fighter jet. Which were once handed over to Islamabad by America.

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