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Canada will welcome immigration-seekers

Canada will welcome immigration-seekers
Canada will welcome immigration-seekers

At a time when much of the world’s developed world is facing a backlash against immigration, Canada is set to make a policy decision to open its doors to more new residents from abroad.
A record number of aspirants have moved to Canada in the past two years. All 3 major political parties of the country support this policy. Much of the dissent is decrying the bureaucratic hurdles that slow down the immigration process. Similarly, the charge raised in the mainstream media is not that immigration is too easy; Rather too hard—as is alleged.
Immigration Minister Sean Fraser boasted at a press conference last month that Canada is on track to exceed its immigration target by granting more than 430,000 permanent residents by 2022. This will easily surpass the record of 41,000 migrants approved in 2021.
The population of USA is 9 times that of Canada. But in 2021, the country’s immigration approval number is 245,000, which is 477,000 less than the previous year. In the years just before the immigration-skeptic Trump administration took office, the U.S. allowed about 1 million people a year to immigrate.

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