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Prashant Kishor: ‘Nitish in front of Modi’, PK deletes photo after posting – prashant kishor tweets photo of narendra modi and nitish kumar later delete post

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar bowed his head in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sometimes the smile is on the face again. Greetings from time to time. Vot Kushli Prashant Kishor deleted the tweet after posting pictures of the two leaders in different moods. And with the screenshot of that tweet, the state politics of Bihar is in full swing.

Bihar Chief Minister made explosive allegations against Prashant Kishor on Wednesday night. He alleged that PK was either trying to stay with the BJP or secretly helping the BJP. While Nitish Kumar did not comment on the allegations, Prashant Kishor’s Twitter handle posted four pictures of Modi-Nitish without comment.

Nitish Kumar: ‘Maybe he wants to help BJP’ Nitish Kumar explosive on PK
Earlier, his one-time political partner PK opened up about Nitish Kumar’s change of alliance and remaining in the Chief Minister’s seat. He said that the people of Bihar will decide whether the effect of changing political partners will affect the image of Nitish Kumar. PK also started a poll on his Twitter handle last month. His question to netizens, “This is Nitish Kumar’s sixth move to form the government in the last 10 years. What do you think will be good for Bihar and the people of Bihar?”

Nitish Kumar: ‘Operation Lotus’ at the center of discussion, Nitish Kumar-Arvind Kejriwal face to face
The Chief Minister of Bihar opened his mouth on Wednesday night in response to all these sarcasms of PK. He said, “The comments of Prashant Kishor have no relevance. They only understand propaganda and statements. When someone keeps talking like this, one should understand that he must have something on his mind. He may want to stay with the BJP or help the BJP.”

Nitish Kumar: Nitish at the door, what will happen to the opposition?
Prashant Kishore also joined Janata Dal United after working as Nitish Kumar’s poll expert in Bihar. He severed all ties with Nitish’s party in 2020. A few days ago, PK also started a separate political program called Jan Suraj Yatra in Bihar. On Wednesday, Nitish claimed that he had asked Prashant Kishar to quit his work as a poll worker and join his party completely. But PK did not agree to that proposal. Nitish’s coalition government has promised 10 lakh jobs after coming to power in Bihar. Prashant Kishor criticized that promise too. In a meeting in August, he was heard saying that if there were so many jobs, he would also return to Nitish’s shelter.

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