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Student death in Baguiati, Sarab Gerua student organization demanding Mamata’s resignation abvp urges CM mamata banerjee’s resignation and CBI inquiry on baguiati student death case


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ABVP protested after student death in Baguiati. They say that one after another murders and rapes are happening in West Bengal. In most cases the accused are Trinamool leaders or close to Trinamool. Most of the society of West Bengal is not having a say about this! So they are opening up as a student organization.

Student death in Baguiati, Sarab Gerua student organization demanding Mamata's resignation

Sangeet Bhattacharya, South Bengal State Secretary of ABVP, said, “What if the house next door catches fire! Many people are still going with this attitude. However, as the fire is increasing day by day, they have forgotten that their house may also catch fire soon. We have been seeing this for a long time. Whenever something happens in this state, the police are more interested in hiding the incident than finding the culprits.”

He claimed, “It was no different in the case of Atanu De and Abhishek Naskar, the two students killed in Baguihati. In this case too, the police initially pressured the two families not to inform the media about the abduction. The family yielded to that pressure and continued to assist the police by providing sufficient investigative information.” .But still the police could not do anything on 17 days. Even though the family could reach the accused kidnappers, the police could not. As a result on 17 days the rotting dead bodies of two children were found in the mortuary of Parabasirhat Hospital. And this is how the people of West Bengal once again saw the non-administrative system of the present West Bengal Police. .”

Sangeet Bhattacharya said Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad strongly protested the brutal killing of two students of Baguihati. The Minister of Police and yet the Chief Minister of this state should resign for the way two mothers lost their children today due to administrative lapses. The CBI also demanded swift and severe punishment for those accused in the murder through investigation and exemplary punishment to all police officers involved in police brutality.

The organization was first formed in 1948 by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader Balraj Madhek and was first legally registered on 9 July 1949. The primary aim of the establishment of this student body was to counter the growing communist influence in Indian universities at that time. In 1958, Jaswant Rao Kellar assumed the role of chief propagandist of this organization. ABVP’s website lists Yashwant Rao as the organisation’s ‘chief architect’.

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baguiati student death protest by abvp

Story first published: Thursday, September 8, 2022, 16:39 [IST]

The article is in Bengali

Tags: Student death Baguiati Sarab Gerua student organization demanding Mamatas resignation abvp urges mamata banerjees resignation CBI inquiry baguiati student death case

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