Odisha: Man bites death of cute snake, terrible revenge… | Odisha Balasore man bites back settles a cobra to death

Odisha man bites back cobra to death: Man bites death of snake. A farmer of Odisha made such a sensational incident.

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Bhubaneswar: If you are bitten by a snake, you should go to the hospital for treatment immediately. But, a man from Balasore district of Odisha did a strange thing. A Quete snake bit the leg of Salil Nayak, a resident of Darada village in the Basta police border area. In anger, he killed the snake by retaliating. In a video that went viral on social media, Salil Nayak was seen walking around with the dead snake hanging around his neck. He tries to throw the snake’s body at other passers-by. This horrible yet strange incident came to the attention of the administration only after the video went viral.

According to sources, the incident happened on Tuesday of this week (September 6). Recently there have been floods in various parts of Odisha. Salil Nayak’s village was also submerged in flood water for the past few days. After the water receded, he was going to check the condition of his farmland on Tuesday. That’s when the cute snake bit his left leg. He was terribly upset by this. The snake hid itself after biting. Witnesses said a furious Salil Nayak searched for the reptile until he found it. Once he got him, Salil Jantab started biting the snake in anger. Gradually the snake fell down and died.

After that, he went to the local market with the corpse of the snake hanging around his neck, according to local sources. Locals advised him to go to hospital. But, Salil did not care about him. He said that he removed the poison by chanting magic. He then allegedly tried to throw the body of the snake on others. After a video of this incident went viral, the administration was shaken.

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Balasore District Forest Officer Ayush Jain said, after getting information about this, forest officials detained Salil for a day. However, he was released on Wednesday. The forest department has warned him not to repeat such acts. Salilel Bishe called his family. Precautions are also advised. According to the District Forest Officer, Salil Nayak is physically healthy. However, his mental growth is not normal. That is why the forest department believes that he retaliated against the snake.

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