Death of a construction worker after being beaten up by a gang of teenagers in Dhaka Udyan

Death of a construction worker after being beaten up by a gang of teenagers in Dhaka Udyan
Death of a construction worker after being beaten up by a gang of teenagers in Dhaka Udyan

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Dhaka: It has been reported that a construction worker named Babu (28) was beaten up by an organized youth gang in Mohammadpur Dhaka Udyan area of ​​the capital.

On Thursday (August 8) afternoon, Babu was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital in a coma, where the doctors declared him brought dead.

The deceased Babu is the son of deceased Sharbat Ali of Jhitka village of Borhan Uddin Upazila of Bhola district. Mohammadpur used to work as a mason in an under-construction building in C Block, Dhaka Udyan Road No. 5 and lived there.

Babu’s friend. Yasin Hawladar said that their friends Sagar and Taslim went for a walk on the bank of Turag river near Dhaka Udyan yesterday on Wednesday around 1 pm. Then the youth gang members Bakhat Nayan, Babu-2, Russell, Rubel and Falan beat them up. Tried to grab their wallets and mobiles. Then they called Babu and Babu went to the spot. At this time, Sagar and Taslim tried to get away from their friend Babu.

Then the members of that gang beat Babu too. Nayan kicks Babu’s stomach at one stage of the conversation with Babu. He fell on the ground. On hearing the news, other friends and colleagues rescued Babu and took him to Suhrawardy Hospital on Wednesday afternoon. But the doctors there sent him to Dhaka Medical.

Colleagues said, after taking him to Dhaka Medical, the doctors discharged him from the hospital after conducting some tests. On Thursday afternoon, he suddenly fell ill again and was taken to Dhaka Medical Center where the doctors declared Babu dead.

Babu was the youngest among four brothers and one sister.

Father of one son and one daughter construction worker Babu. They live in the village. For the last few years, Babu was in Mohammadpur in search of livelihood.

Incharge (Inspector) of Police Outpost of DMK Hospital. Bachchu Mia said that friends and colleagues brought Babu to the hospital. After that, the doctors declared him dead. The body has been kept in the morgue.

Bachchu Mia said that construction worker Babu was reportedly beaten up. However, no external injury marks were found on his body.

Mohammadpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abul Kalam Azad said, ‘There was a fight yesterday over money transactions. I learned initially that Babu was kicked in the stomach during the incident. Because of this he fell ill. The matter is being investigated in detail.’


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