In the last few days, 4 people died of dengue in Howrah, this time a child lost his life

Kolkata : Dengue is taking a terrible shape. Dengue death again in Howrah. A six-month-old child died of dengue in Jai Bibi Road area of ​​Belur. The child died at Calcutta Medical College and Hospital. With this, four people died of dengue in Howrah in the last few days. Out of which 2 people have died in Belur area in the last three days.

It is known that the child was suffering from fever for some time. The child was admitted to Kolkata Medical College and Hospital on September 2. The child died in the hospital on Wednesday night while undergoing treatment. The death certificate states that the child died of dengue. As soon as the news of the child’s death came to light on Thursday morning, there was a sensation in the area.

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On Monday, September 5, Calcutta reported its second death due to dengue this season. 59-year-old Sharmila Chattopadhyay, a resident of Haridebpur Banerjee Para, died on this day. He was admitted to Dhakuria Amri Hospital, Sharmila Devi died in the night. He was brought to Amri Hospital in a critical condition from a private nursing home (RSV Hospital) in Talliganj. The cause of death was reported to be sepsis and he had dengue shock syndrome. Before this, a month ago, a brilliant student of eighth grade died of dengue in Kalighat next to the temple. The student died at Fortis Hospital.

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First published: September 08, 2022, 19:45 IST

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