Has Jatiya Party managed to become a real political party?

Has Jatiya Party managed to become a real political party?
Has Jatiya Party managed to become a real political party?

Whether the Jatiya Party created by Hussain Muhammad Ershad is a ‘political party’ has been discussed in the past and is still being discussed. This is because the characteristics required of a genuine and democratic political party are not reflected in the party’s activities. This idea is ingrained in the common people, Hussain Muhammad Ershad became power hungry and seized power at gunpoint and his Jatiya Party also has that power hungry attitude. Of course, the leaders of the party do not hide anything. They are often heard to say that even if they cannot come to power as a single party, their policy is to partner with those who are in power. It is not difficult to understand from their words and attitudes that the party is the beneficiary of power. It does not matter who is in power or not, it is the policy of the party to be a partner in power. The party has been a power partner of the ruling Awami League for the past decade and a half. The team is considered as the ‘B’ team of Awami League. As a result, the party has assumed two types of characters by being the power partner of Awami League. One. Awami League has sat in the opposition through compromise. Two. He took the share of government ministries from the opposition party. The second character of the group is more likeable. However, Awami League came to power for the third time and did not give the party any more ministry. The party was immediately unhappy with this. Not happy to be the main opposition party in Parliament. Because, he could not be a sharer of power. It is said that this time he was not given the share of the ministry to play the role of the main opposition party in the interests of the ruling party in the parliament. As a result, he got the bad name of ‘home grown opposition party’. The party is not at all liking to take slander from the domestic opposition party without getting the ministry. As a result, he sometimes criticizes Awami League. A couple of harsh words. This is because the Awami League has not given any ministry to the party despite coming to the end of its third consecutive term.

The ruling Awami League has always criticized BNP as a party born in an army camp. Not only Awami League, intellectuals of his generation have been saying this. They do not want to accept BNP as a democratic political party. However, the birth of the Jatiya Party in the army camp, does not say this. This is because when Ershad took over, the party said, ‘I am not unhappy.’ After that, the Awami League participated in all the Patano elections that Ershad held to become democratic. BNP did not participate in even one. From this it is not difficult to understand that Awami League has a historical good relationship with Jatiya Party. Although Awami League participated in the anti-Ershad movement in the 90’s popular uprising, later they established good relations again. That good relationship has been maintained till now. It appears that whoever Awami League likes, no matter how bad he is, has no fault. On the other hand, BNP is being singled out day and night as army camp party. According to the Awami League, BNP is considered as a party born in the army camp, but it does not want to admit that the party has become a democracy-minded party with the support of a large number of people in the country and from the opposition. Although the Awami League did not accept it, the BNP came to power three times after the mass coup of 90 with huge public support. If the policy of being a partner in power like the Jatiya Party was followed, would the scope and expansion of the party reach the grassroots level today? Has the party become a regional party like the National Party? did not This is because, like the Awami League, even though the party was born in an army camp, it has managed to turn itself into a party with huge public support through its democratic political activities. Let’s assume that Jatiya Party and BNP are two parties born in army camps. However, there are some basic differences between these two groups. It cannot be said that the founding president of BNP, Ziaur Rahman, directly seized power by launching a coup d’état. Many things happened before he came to power. A series of incidents like the assassination of Bangabandhu in his family, coup-counter-coup, Sepahi-Janata Revolution of November 7 took place. At that time, Ziaur Rahman was under house arrest in the cantonment. It was the coup plotters who rescued him from there and brought him to power. That is, he was brought to power through a series of events. He did not come to power by himself (although Awami League says, he also came to power by pointing a gun). Awami League and its supporters may disagree with these events. Now they are not only disagreeing, they are slandering Ziaur Rahman as Bangabandhu’s killer, spy of Pakistan, he was not a freedom fighter etc. However, the Awami League is not heard to talk much about the heartbreaking events of August 15 and who seized power at that time and who was involved in the coup and counter-coup. Conscious observers are not heard to say that Ziaur Rahman behaved autocratically after coming to power or established an autocratic regime. Instead, he came to power and started a multi-party democracy by ending one-party rule like Bakshal. Freedom of expression was also given back to the press. It is true, he was not a politician. He is not supposed to be a politician or have any political experience. He was a soldier. People from a completely different world outside of politics. He was a novice in politics. However, after coming to power, he showed the democratic attitude and how to let politics run the course of politics, he took the initiative. If he had this ambition, he could have run an autocratic regime within the constraints of the one-party system or the press that existed at that time. He could not bring back multi-party democracy and freedom of the press. He did not walk that way. Rather, he chose the path of democratic politics. He himself took the path of politics. At that time, various political parties including Awami League did politics. When Hussain Muhammad Ershad seized power, the elected political party BNP was in power. He overthrew the BNP at gunpoint and ruled for 9 years. As Awami League, BNP and other political parties protested against it in the midst of repression, other parties except BNP also participated in its botched election. Today, Awami League and its alliance parties call BNP an army camp party, and Jatiya Party, another army camp party, has a basic difference here.

Even if Awami League and its alliance parties call BNP as army camp party, can they deny the public involvement and huge public support of this party? On the other hand, has the public support and public involvement of Jatiya Party been equal or close to BNP? could not Rather, the party has become a regional party. Hussain Muhammad Ershad did not implement the provincial system of government that he demanded. He also knew that the National Party had become a regional party. Apart from North Bengal, the party has no mass base in other parts of the country. It is this matter that has worked behind the demands of Ershad’s provincial government. He knew that if there was a provincial government system, his party would get more seats in North Bengal and form a provincial government there, and he would be able to head at least one provincial government. In his attitude, the pain of losing absolute power served to ease some of the pain. He wanted to forget the pain of his party’s loss of power in the face of the mass movement of the 90s by becoming the head of the provincial government. His hope was not fulfilled. Now this policy is being adopted, even if you cannot go to power, you can be close to or partner in power by any means. Due to clinging to this attitude, no initiative to make the party mass-oriented and public-oriented has been observed, and is still not happening. Only a party can come to power, preoccupied with calculating and more focused on partnering with it. BNP could not be its partner during its time in power due to mutual hostility. As a result, the party tied up with Awami League to become a partner in power. In this case, their ‘not unhappy’ historical relationship worked. Although the governance of the current government has been termed as ‘authoritarian’ or ‘flawed’ democratic governance by various organizations around the world, it is similar to the governance of the Jatiya Party. As a result, his friendship with Awami League is very natural. Jatiya Party has been supporting him with Awami League for the past decade and a half. While giving this support, it did not carry out any effective program on the problems of the people as a political party or as the main opposition party in the parliament. Only gave lip service to Parliament. By getting involved with the people, they could not set any precedent for carrying out programs on the ground regarding the various decisions of the government or people’s problems. The people know very well that the two or four words spoken in the parliament are approved by the government. Despite being the main opposition party in the parliament, it is not talking about the ongoing sufferings and dire miseries of the common people, nor is it doing field politics. It is the misfortune of the people of the country that an ineffective and arrogant party is sitting in the seat of the main opposition in the parliament. Now that the next national election is approaching, according to his policy, he is looking for ways to ensure that he remains in power, where there is no such thing as the interest of the people but his own interest. Meanwhile, the dispute between the party’s chairman GM Quader and the leader of the opposition in the parliament, Roshan Ershad, has reached an extreme level. It has been reported in various newspapers and magazines that GM does not want to be with the Kader government, Roshan Ershad wants to be a power partner with the government. In other words, there is an uproar about the power struggle within the party. Billions of people in the country have become poor, are becoming unemployed, people’s income has decreased, gas-electricity, fuel oil crisis and price increase, daily commodity prices are in unlimited tension in living at a higher speed, a class of leaders and workers of the ruling party’s organization are doing misdemeanors, in the mouth of the administration. Corruption has taken root in the hole, the party has no problem with this. There is no political program on these public issues. The leaders of the party are busy with how to share the power. How to rely on the ruling party to live like a saffron.

There is no denying that the Jatiya Party, though not a popular party, has managed to turn itself into a ‘tramcard’ for other parties to come and stay in power. If the party is not with the ruling party, without electing under it or coming out of the parliament, then it is impossible for the government to survive. Even if it does, it will be highly questionable and lose acceptance. As a result, the ruling party has retained the Jatiya Party as its best weapon to stay in power and rig elections. As the next national election is less than a year and a half away, Jatiya Party is now talking and moving against the government, its aim and objective is that Awami League should keep him with him and share the power with him as a minister. In other words, the politics of Jatiya Party is not related to the people in any way. People are unimportant to him. Yes, regional people are important to him. For example, Rangpur division is one of the bases for his coming to parliament. He comes to Parliament with the seat of this region. But if the ruling party does not participate in farce and seat sharing elections, then the results of the party will be miserable in that region as well. This is because the people of that region are now upset about the party being a puppet of the ruling party. They want the Jatiya Party to stand on its own feet and pass through fair and acceptable elections without relying on others. Become a true democracy-minded political party by increasing public involvement and support across the country.

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