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China calls on the US to cancel the military agreement with Taiwan

China calls on the US to cancel the military agreement with Taiwan
China calls on the US to cancel the military agreement with Taiwan

China has strongly objected to US arms sales to the self-governing island nation of Taiwan. In a warning to Washington, Beijing said it must cancel the arms deal as soon as possible and cut off all military contacts with the island. Khabar Al Ahed News.
Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden announced plans to sell $1.1 billion worth of arms to Taiwan. These weapons include 60 anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles.
In this regard, on Tuesday, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Colonel Tan Kpyi, said that the sale of US weapons to Taiwan is a gross violation of China’s policy. It is also a violation of the Third Declaration signed between the US and China.
At that time, he also said that if China’s interests are harmed due to US weapons in Taiwan, then Beijing will take strong measures against it. Colonel Tan KPI said, Taiwan is China’s Taiwan. There is no room for foreign intervention in the Taiwan question. No force can stop the historical trend of complete reunification of the motherland. He also mentioned that the plan of the separatists to gain independence by buying arms has failed.
The Chinese spokesperson also said that Chinese public opinion cannot be denied. Ignoring this fact, those who play with fire will be destroyed. At that time, he said, the People’s Liberation Army is training and preparing for war to resolutely defeat any external interference and efforts of the separatists in Taipei. Tensions between Beijing and Washington have been rising since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan earlier last month.

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