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Hackers took Beximco-Akiz information

Hackers took Beximco-Akiz information
Hackers took Beximco-Akiz information

Hackers have stolen a lot of information from big companies like Beximco, Akiz and Digicon Technologies through cyber attacks. These data have been obtained from the research report ‘Ransomware Landscape Bangladesh 2022’ published on the cyber situation and ransomware situation in Bangladesh. The report was published by BGD e-Gov Cert, the government’s cyber security agency.

According to the SERT report, four ransomware attacks have been reported in Bangladesh since 2021. This list of attacks includes three reputed private institutions. According to Sart, Akiz Group, one of the top businesses in Bangladesh, was attacked by a ransomware called Night Sky. After the hacking, the hacker group leaked the company’s C-Panel data, GitLab code base, all server files, ERP system database, employee resumes, all websites with backups, personal computer backup files, mail server data on the dark web.

Beximco Group also fell victim to ransomware, Sert said in the report. Cert mentions that Beximco is a victim of ransomware called AltDose. The AltDOS attack exposed more than 50,000 payment records, databases, hundreds of gigabytes of files including telecom subsidies, Sert said in the report. In addition, the domestic technology company Digicon Technologies has been attacked by Russia-based Conti Group (Wizard Spider).

According to Cert, since 2021, 14,627 IPs have been infected with malware in the country. India suffered the most (Asia Pacific region) ransomware attacks during this period, followed by Japan, Thailand, China and Taiwan.
In the report, SART warned that around 612 Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) in the country are vulnerable to potential ransomware attacks. Cert has also given a list in this regard. As seen in the list, BTCL, Grameenphone Limited, Aziata Limited, Linkthree Technologies, Systems Solutions and Development Technologies Limited, Bandhu Network Limited, Amara Network Limited, Banglalink Digital Communications Limited and Teletalk Bangladesh Limited are at the top of the attack risk list.

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