Before the independence of Bangladesh, the people of the then East Pakistan did not leave the country much, as has been happening since the independence of Bangladesh. Many will say that it was a complicated process from passport to obtaining a visa, which resulted in not being able to leave the country despite the desire. Although the incident is somewhat true, it can be seen that the people of Sylhet are always traveling abroad.

Among the 19 districts at that time, the people of Jessore district left the country late. However, many Hindu communities in this district have been maintaining the tradition of Calcutta in India for various reasons. My own family basically left the country after the independence of the country and getting foreign scholarships and the opportunity to study abroad without spending the country’s money was the main reason for leaving the country.
There are hundreds of factors involved in leaving one’s country and coming to another country to settle everything, such as Bengali food and native vegetables. Although these foods are sometimes available, unfortunately, when adulterated and rotten food comes abroad after being scrounged from the country, and when we buy that food at ten times the price and cook it and try to put it in our mouth, instead of relish or taste, we get vomiting in our mouth. As a result, we are trying to grow local vegetables in cold countries like Sweden.

The interesting thing is that if you try and try, is it possible in life? That’s what happened. Cultivating gourd, which is a nectar to Bengalis among all vegetables, in Sweden, was such a big challenge for me that compared to establishing it in Sweden.

It may not be believable to many but it is the truth. Growing gourds in winter country was really a big challenge. Then you can understand how much effort it takes to be successful. I tried to pollinate, manually joining the male flower to the female flower so that the pollination method is correct like bee or wind.

Thus, as we have come from one country to another, we have adapted ourselves. Now, what can be greater than trying to build a small Bangladesh by slowly bringing everything of our country here?

In the way of trying these things, the country has remembered the new generation of the country. It seems like many young people born in ordinary families. Like flowers, many lives fall prematurely due to lack of opportunity. Just like a flower with all its opportunities, it cannot become a fruit due to the lack of pollination due to the lack of help, many people in a poor family are dying as a burden to the society instead of becoming a successful person due to the lack of a little effort and a little opportunity!

Those of us who have the opportunity should give a little help to those who are deprived of that opportunity. With a little help and sympathy, a life can become beautiful to the society, to the people of the society, and above all to itself, and find the meaning of its birth. If we try so much, it is definitely possible to achieve the desired success. Everything happened on my farm in Sweden.

Unfortunately due to the sudden cold weather, one by one all the vegetables are almost on the road to death. I think that one day our arranged life will end suddenly and I will not be able to do anything for anyone even if I want to. I wonder why delay when the time is yet to come and the opportunity is there. Now we do something.

Like me, if everyone makes a little effort, I believe that in the next ten years, there will not be a single poor and helpless child born in Bangladesh, only if everyone makes a little effort. Together, We Can Make It Happen.

[প্রিয় পাঠক, যুগান্তর অনলাইনে পরবাস বিভাগে আপনিও লিখতে পারেন। প্রবাসে
আপনার কমিউনিটির নানান খবর, ভ্রমণ, আড্ডা, গল্প, স্মৃতিচারণসহ যে কোনো বিষয়ে লিখে পাঠাতে
পারেন। সংশ্লিষ্ট বিষয়ে ছবিসহ মেইল করুন [email protected] এই ঠিকানায়। লেখা আপনার
নামে প্রকাশ করা হবে।]

The article is in Bengali

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