Who is the Prime Minister in the UK, the interest of expatriates is high

Who is the Prime Minister in the UK, the interest of expatriates is high
Who is the Prime Minister in the UK, the interest of expatriates is high

The UK is getting a new prime minister on Monday. The name of the new prime minister will be announced this evening. The next Prime Minister is either Conservative Party Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (47) or former chancellor Rishi Sunak (42).

There is no end of interest among the expatriate Bangladeshis about who the new prime minister is. Some say of Indian origin
Rishi Sunak is, and some say, Liz Truss is more likely to become Prime Minister.

London Basindha Tofail Chowdhury said, ‘I came from Bangladesh a couple of years ago. Even though I don’t know much about UK politics, I am interested in who the new Prime Minister is. Every day we keep our eyes on the TV screen to know the update.

Boris Johnson was forced to resign from the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on July 7, under heavy pressure on various issues including the liquor party scandal, high inflation, ignoring the restrictions of the lockdown. After his resignation, the process of selecting the country’s next prime minister began.

However, there are differences of opinion regarding the interests of expatriates.

Student Arif Hossain said, ‘As an influential country, the interest of the whole world is now high as to who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. We expatriates are not behind in this matter.’

Luton resident Mahbub Sueed said, ‘Most of the UK’s immigrants are supporters of the Labor Party. Therefore, they are less interested in who is the new prime minister. He said, with the support of the white people, Liz Truss is more likely to become the Prime Minister.

Shakir Hossain, editor of UK AB News, said, ‘Rishi Sunak was in charge of Chancellor during the Corona period. At that time our low, middle income people and traders got financial benefits in the scheme taken by him. Therefore our expatriates have some interest in Rishi Sunak. However, whether Liz Strauss or Rishi Sunak becomes the prime minister, it does not seem to bring good news for the country’s legal and illegal expatriates and the country’s economy.’


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