Maternity Leave: Special 60 days maternity leave will be granted in case of loss of newborn or stillbirth, decided by Center

Even if the child dies during childbirth, mothers will get maternity leave. A landmark decision by the central government. The Ministry of Labour, Public Grievances and Pensions said in a statement that stillbirth is very painful for a mother. It takes some time for that mother to recover mentally. And so in case of this kind of incident, the government employees will get 60 days maternity leave.

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Special Maternity Leave for Childless

The Union Government Ministry of Employees, Public Grievances and Pensions further informed that if a mother has already completed her maternity leave and the child dies after that, the leave will be granted to her in some other format. In that case, the government employee has to submit the medical certificate mentioning the incident. It has also been informed by the concerned ministry, in addition to the death of the child in the womb, if a child dies after 28 days of birth, it is explained as stillbirth i.e. stillbirth in medical terms.

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What are the conditions for leave in case of stillbirth?

The Center has said that even if a mother gives birth to a stillborn child, she will get maternity leave from now on. However, there are several conditions in that case. Firstly, this opportunity is not available in any other office except central government employees. Secondly, the female employee should have less than two children for this special maternity leave of 60 days. Thirdly, only public and private CGHS (Central Govt. Health Scheme) panel hospitals will get this leave. However, even if admitted to another hospital in an emergency, this leave will be available. In that case, emergency certificate will be required.

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