19-year-old Egyptian shot dead for refusing marriage proposal

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A 19-year-old girl was shot dead on Sunday after rejecting a marriage proposal in Tukh Tanbisha village in Egypt. Al Arabiya reported the news, citing events that shook Egypt.

It is reported that Ahmed Fathi Amirah (29) proposed marriage to Amani Abdul-Karim Al-Gazar (19). But Al-Ghajar and his family rejected the marriage proposal.

So Amirah got angry and did this.

Local media reported that Al-Gazaar was a student at the Faculty of Physical Education.

Residents of the village said the suspect shot Al-Gazar behind the house in front of his family, enraged at the rejection of his marriage proposal.

They also said, Al-Ghazaar was a brilliant student. He rejected Amirah for her bad behavior.

According to Egyptian newspaper Al-Masri Al-Youm, efforts to save Al-Gazar were unsuccessful when he was taken to the hospital. Police visited the spot. Besides, the search teams have been directed to trace and arrest the suspect.

Meanwhile, a video posted on social media after the incident showed panic among the villagers. They were seen gathering at the spot and shouting.

Incidentally, 21-year-old Egyptian student Naira Ashraf was killed by a man for the same reason a few months ago and another 21-year-old Salma Bahjat was killed for breaking up a relationship. This time Al-Ghajar died due to a series of crimes against women.

It is reported that the first session of the trial of Salma Bahjat’s murder has started in Egypt’s Zagazig Criminal Court on Sunday.

Source: Voice of Time

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