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The investigation recommended all that to avoid the accident

The investigation recommended all that to avoid the accident
The investigation recommended all that to avoid the accident

Dhaka: The Uttara Girder Accident Investigation Committee has made several recommendations for the implementation of projects like Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to avoid accidents in populated areas in the capital Dhaka.

Road Transport and Highways Department Secretary ABM Amin Ullah Noori presented the recommendations during the presentation of the report of the BRT project girder accident investigation committee in the meeting room of the Road Transport and Highways Department at the Secretariat on Sunday (September 04) afternoon.

The recommendations of the Inquiry Committee are-
=> Proceeding the project work by ensuring security arrangements as per the contract.
=> For heavy work prior permission should be taken from the consulting firm.

=> Lessons learned from the accident are that non-authorization of inspection by the consulting firm acted as a major catalyst in the accident. Any such heavy work on the road which will be directly or indirectly related to vehicular movement must be inspected and duly approved by the consulting firm before the work can be carried out.

=> It is necessary to prepare traffic management plan during road related activities and coordinate with engineer or consultant, city corporation and related stakeholders.

=> Any heavy work including shifting of girders should be carried out during night from 8 pm to 6 am with proper security arrangements. If necessary, provision of required number of lanes with the help of traffic police. In that case, traffic diversions and if necessary should be ensured. Considering the current situation of Dhaka, any illegal parking on the roads should be stopped especially in such construction project areas. In this regard, we have to work in coordination with the traffic police.

=> The site of such construction work should be completely covered by proper security fence. Also signs, signals, markings, lighting, reflectors should be used to make the enclosure properly visible. In this regard, the safety net of the ongoing MRT project can be considered as an example.

=> Emergency Incident Management Plan is mandatory to avoid possible damage and loss of life and immediate rescue operations in case of any sudden accident. Necessary arrangements should be made to have cranes, walkers, ambulances, first aid, emergency doctors with sufficient standby capacity in the entire project area for emergency response.

=> Compensation can be paid to the family of accident victims as per the agreement.
=> Registration of crane is mandatory. The operator must have a license to operate the crane. Crane fitness should be renewed every year. BRTA can monitor whether heavy machinery used in construction work like cranes, excavators, taylor etc. is registered and drivers of such machinery/vehicles have proper license.

=> To ensure proper treatment of the injured in the accident, the necessary expenses must be borne as per the contract.

=> In order to avoid recurrence of accidents, monitoring of the project authority, Dhaka BRT Company Ltd., Directorate of Roads and Public Ways should be strengthened in addition to the proper enforcement of the terms of the contract. The responsibilities and duties of the monitoring teams of the Roads and Highways Department and the Road Transport and Highways Department may be defined in monitoring the project implementation progress.

=> Equipment suppliers must be aware of their own equipment registration, fitness and compliance with contractual obligations.

=> Repeated violation of security management by contractor organization and loss of life of Bangladeshi national may be reported to concerned embassy.

The secretary said, in order to make the work of the investigation committee very smooth and acceptable from the technical side, Assistant Professor of Accident Research Institute of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) Dr. Md. Appointing Asif Raihan as he has technical knowledge on crane matters makes the investigation report richer.

He also said that in order to ensure that strict safety procedures are followed in the implementation of large projects like the BRT project, all the concerned should take initiative and play an active role outside of regular work. Accidents are not desired by anyone in the world. We want each of our development activities to be secure.

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Bangladesh Time: 1821 hours, September 04, 2022

The article is in Bengali

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