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Unable to bear the teacher’s insult, the student attempted suicide

Unable to bear the teacher’s insult, the student attempted suicide
Unable to bear the teacher’s insult, the student attempted suicide

Unable to bear the teacher’s insult, the student attempted suicide

2022 Sep 04 18:02:32

MA Hira, Goland: Rozina Akhter, a ninth grader of Munster Collegiate School, a private kindergarten school in Gwalande, Rajbari, tried to commit suicide by consuming detergent powder after being insulted by the school headmaster. She is the daughter of Nizam Uddin Sheikh of Nasharuddin Sardar Para Mohalla of Ward No. 3 of Goaland Municipality. The seriously ill schoolgirl has been admitted to Golanda Upazila Health Complex. This incident happened on Sunday (September 4) at around 11 o’clock.

The father of the sick schoolgirl, Nizam Uddin Sheikh, said that his daughter’s class roll is 3. 1900 was owed for various school fees including the current month. I pay 1500 rupees a week in advance. During the school examination on Sunday, the headmaster Azim insulted his daughter and kicked her out of the examination hall as she was owed the current month’s salary. He came out of the classroom without repeatedly asking for the notebook and my daughter could not bear the humiliation and came home and tried to commit suicide by consuming detergent powder (washing powder) without everyone’s knowledge. The family members realized the matter and quickly admitted her daughter to Golanda Upazila Health Complex. He also said that the school authorities could have told me as a parent without insulting his daughter in this way. I could pay the salary of four hundred rupees.

The teachers of the school said that not only Rozina Akhtar, but also about half a hundred students were not allowed to take the exam on the last exam day due to outstanding salary. They didn’t realize that Rosina would do such a thing.

The head teacher of the school. Azim said, Munster Collegiate School is a private institution. Teachers are paid by students’ salary. Already, at least 4/5 lakh students’ salary is due. Students were not allowed to appear for the exam to collect dues. However, he claimed that no student was insulted. Rather, it has been said that if the salary is paid, this test will be taken later.

Ward Commissioner Shaheen said it is very unfair and he cannot do such a thing for a small amount of money. If the school has outstanding salary, it could inform the parent. I demand its fair trial.

The doctor in charge of the emergency department of Golanda Upazila Health Complex. Ankhi Biswas said that the patient who fell ill after consuming detergent powder is being treated in the hospital. Currently, his condition is stable, but I can’t say it is safe until some more time passes.

Goland Upazila Health Complex resident doctor Dr. Sharif Mohammad said that it is not possible to do the treatment of any type of poisoned patient. Because a type of burn occurs in the patient’s esophagus after consuming detergent powder. In this case, the condition of the patient may worsen even after 3 to 7 days.

(H/SP/September 04, 2022)

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