The mystery of the death of Russian businessmen

Moscow, September 04 – At least eight prominent Russian businessmen have died mysteriously. They died in ‘suicides’ and mysterious accidents six months from the end of January this year. Six of them are associated with Russia’s two largest energy companies. The four worked for Gazprom, Russia’s state-controlled energy company. This information was reported in CNN’s report on Friday.

According to the Russian news agency Tass, Lukoil chairman Ravil Maganov died last week after falling from a hospital window in Moscow. His death was confirmed in a statement on the website on Thursday. It said Maganov ‘died of a serious illness.’

Last month, the body of another top official of the Lukoil company, Alexander Sabotin, was found near Moscow. Regarding the cause of his death, the Russian state-run news agency reported that a man with a heart attack was found unconscious.

The first death occurred on January 30. The body of a top Gazprom executive was found in a house in the village of Leninsky, near Leningrad. A ‘suicide note’ was found next to his dead body. Later, Rentv reported that the dead person was Leonid Shulman. He was the head of transport division at Gazprom Invest. A month later, another top executive died. In this context, Novaya Gazette reported that Alexander Tayulakov committed suicide.

Last April, two more Russian Gazprom businessmen died by ‘suicide’. One of them is Bhadmadislav Abhayev. He is the former vice president of Gazprom Bank. His body was found in his Moscow apartment with his wife and daughter on April 18. A day later, on April 19, the former executive officer of gas producer Novatek, Sergey Protosenia, died.

On February 28, the body of Ukrainian-born Mikhail Watford was found in Surrey, England. The body of another Russian businessman, Vasily Malnikov, was found in late March. Although they continue to be called ‘suicide’ or ‘accident’, these deaths are shrouded in mystery.

Stopping gas supply to Germany: Russia has announced the complete stoppage of gas supply to Germany through the Nord Stream-1 pipeline.

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MU/04 September 2022

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