Girder accidents: 12 causes identified

Girder accidents: 12 causes identified
Girder accidents: 12 causes identified

Road Transport and Highways Department Secretary ABM Amin Ullah Noori said that the inquiry committee formed by the ministry has submitted a report on the under construction flyover girder accident in the capital’s Uttara BRT project. The investigation committee said that the issue of negligence of the contractor has come up.

The secretary gave this information in a press conference on the report of the Dhaka BRT project girder accident investigation committee in the meeting room of the secretariat ministry on Sunday (September 4).

He said that the investigation committee identified 12 reasons for the fall of the girder from the crane of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project under construction in Uttara of the capital and fell on the private car.

He also said that after the incident, a committee of three members was formed first. Later it was increased to five members. The committee formed gives preliminary report. After that BUET’s expert was also added to the committee. They visited the scene while investigating. They took the statement of everyone including the arrested person.

The secretary said that the investigation committee has given the responsibility of the accident to the contractor. His description is in the video footage. The consulting firm says it has sent 34 letters to the contracting firm. But the consulting firm did not inform the ministry. If they tell us that, we can take action against the Chinese company.

He said, 12 reasons are – Worked on public holidays without informing anyone. The first time the girders were installed during the day, the other day they did the work at night. The crane is operated by an assistant, which would not have been the case if there had been a driver. The crane was not licensed. The ground where the crane was being operated was uneven. The crane did not have a digital monitor. There was no prior work permit. There was no traffic system, basically the traffic had to be informed.
There were no qualified people in traffic management, they kept these people themselves. The safety engineer was not properly qualified. There was no emergency management plan. That’s why it took time to remove the girders. Those employed as contractors had no authorization.

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