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Save Tulsi Plant From Dying: Repeated dying of tulsi plant is a sign of bad luck, do this easily – how to save tulsi plant from dying tulsi vastu tips in indian households mdv

How to Save Tulsi Plant From Dying: Tulsi plant is used daily, in every Puja. Also, everyone knows the benefits of eating Tulsi every morning on an empty stomach. There is no substitute for Tulsi to boost immunity (Immunity Booster). Many people also have the habit of consuming Tulsi in tea or drinks. Therefore, having its own tulsi plant in every home can provide many benefits. However, if Tulsi is in the house, Vastu must be followed. Otherwise, the basil may dry up and die.

Tulsi Vastu Tips-

  • When the tulsi plant dries up, it brings bad luck to the world. It has a bad effect on the family members. Always keep in mind if you keep Tulsi at home – According to Vastu, keeping Tulsi plant in the east, north-east, north or very central part of the house is good for the family.
  • Tulsi plant should be kept clean around. Do not keep any accumulated dirt, brooms, old clothes, garbage, thorny plants, near Tulsi plant.
  • Never keep tulsi plant in the dark side of the house. Keep in an open-lit place. In the evening, light the lamp on the Tulsi floor. Never tear tulsi leaves with nails.
  • Planting tulsi tree on Thursday in the month of Kartika is most auspicious. But it is important to remember that tulsi plants should always be kept in odd numbers.
  • Sometimes we throw away the tulsi leaves when they are dry. Or if you don’t pay attention, it falls under your feet. Never make this mistake. Pick up the dry tulsi leaves and bury them in the soil of the tulsi plant.

This is the Vastu rule of Tulsi. But what to do so that the tulsi plant does not dry up? Know-

– If you want to extend the life of your tulsi plant, avoid over watering. Water only when the soil is dry. Do not water the plant frequently during monsoons. Tulsi plant needs 6-8 hours of sunlight. But don’t keep it in hot sun.

– Another thing that can harm your plants is pests. Pests can be warded off by simply applying a mixture of water and a few drops of dish washer to basil plants. Do this occasionally, you can save the plant from insects.

– When the tulsi plant is dry, apply homemade fertilizer. Fertilizer will rejuvenate the plant. Homemade fertilizers like used tea leaves and rotted cow dung can be used.

– If tulsi seed comes out, bury that seed again, new plant will grow from it. In this way, you can take care of tulsi plant at home.

The article is in Bengali

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