What the Prime Minister said about Sajeeb Wazed Joy joining politics

What the Prime Minister said about Sajeeb Wazed Joy joining politics
What the Prime Minister said about Sajeeb Wazed Joy joining politics

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the government has taken various digital initiatives on the advice of her son Sajib Wazed Joy. But the decision to join politics or not should be left solely to him and the people of the country.

He said these things in an interview given to the Indian media Asian News International (ANI) on Sunday (September 4).

Sheikh Hasina said, “Look, he is a grown man now. So it’s up to him. But he is working for the country. The initiative to build our digital Bangladesh, so many satellites, submarine cables or so many digital measures like computer training have been taken on his advice. You know, he is helping me. But never thought of getting any post in the party or government.”

He said, “Even in our party conference there was a strong demand for him. Then I told him, go to the microphone and say what you want. He did so. Said, at the moment I do not want any position in the team. Rather those who are working here should get this post. Why should I occupy a position? I am with my mother. Working for the country. I am supporting him. I will do it. That’s how he thinks. So it’s not like I have to make him or I have to do it.”

In the interview, he also recalled the role of his father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in shaping foreign policy.

The Prime Minister said, “Friendship with all, enmity with none – which is what my father, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said in his speech at the United Nations. We follow his example. My point is we should focus on the people… how to give them a better life… we have an enemy. That is poverty. So, let us work together.”

Sheikh Hasina said, “She always thinks that the leading countries should resolve disputes and differences through discussion. If there is any problem between China and India, I don’t want to touch it. I want my country to develop and since India is our next door neighbor, we have very good relations. We had many bilateral problems, it is true, but we also solved many problems.”

During her interview with ANI, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also said that the priority for Bangladesh was development and that she was willing to take help from any country that could improve for its people.

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