Silicon Valley is the capital of technology

Silicon is an essential material used in the manufacture of electrical appliances or technical products. Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world, is named after this silicon. Silicon Valley, located in California, USA, has the offices of several thousand technology companies. The headquarters of tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple are also in this Silicon Valley. Much of the current technology world is controlled directly from Silicon Valley.

After 1995, Silicon Valley became an important center for technology innovation and young entrepreneurs. But it started long before that. Since then, Stanford in California has been renowned for discovering new technologies, advancing manufacturing research, and building technology companies.

Around 1939, Stanford University professor Frederick Terman and his former students David Packard and William Hewlett formed a small electronics company. They were the first to set up a company in this small garage in Palo Alto for research purposes. Later, this Palo Alto garage became known as Silicon Valley.

In 1947, Professor William W. Handsin built the new Microwave Laboratory. Then in 1951, Geriant Associates created the Stamford Industrial Park for innovation and research. In 1970, Professor Vinton G. Curf, the father of the Internet, conducted research on Internet communication systems in Silicon Valley with one of his classmates.

Then in 1980, John Cuffy and his students started working on Internet data transfer through telephone lines. This is where the modern internet system originated. Since then, the development of high-tech information technology continues in Silicon Valley through the research and discovery of many Nobel-winning researchers and professors. As a result, the scenic hilly area has become the high-tech hub of today’s world.

The name Silicon Valley is used both figuratively and literally. In the past, this region of California was famous for fruit production and agriculture. The region was called the Valley of the Heart’s Delight because of its rows of fruit and flower gardens.

In 1971, Don Hoeffler referred to this region as Silicon Valley in an article in his Electronic magazine. Since then, the name has become very popular, and the name is later officially used on maps of California. The region between the cities of San Francisco and San Jose in California today is known as Silicon Valley.

Some of the most notable areas in Silicon Valley are – Palo Alto, Copatino, Menlo Park, Mountain View, etc. Palo Alto is home to Stamford University. Facebook has its offices in Menlo Park. Apple office in Copatino and Google office in Mountain View.

Currently, most of the world’s computer and technology products are invented from this Silicon Valley. Almost all large companies providing computer technology software microchips or internet based services have their offices here. Gradually, along with large companies, many small aid organizations have also developed in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is the capital of technology

At one point, the place became a major trading center for the Internet economy and high technology. Silicon Valley has become a meeting place for small and large start-up companies or young entrepreneurs. Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and HP that rule the technology world today started their journey as Silicon Valley start-ups. Besides, currently in Silicon Valley – Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Adobe, AMD, Yahoo, Nvidia, HP, Intel, eBay, Tesla, Oracle, Sony, Opera, Siemens etc.

Not only this, there are also thousands of other tech companies in Silicon Valley. If it were not for the technology-institutions and products that were born in Silicon Valley, maybe the current world technology would never have reached the level it is today. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have changed not only their own fortunes and businesses, but the entire world. The world’s most important data centers are also located here.

That is, from the valley of this technology, the virtual assets of hundreds of millions of people in the world are being controlled. There are currently no top tech companies that do not operate out of Silicon Valley. As a result, the economy of this area of ​​only 800 square kilometers is very strong.

Silicon Valley is the capital of technology

The annual production value of Silicon Valley is about 300 billion dollars which is more than many developed countries. Even if Silicon Valley were a country, it would be the second richest country in the world by GDP per capita. According to 2017 calculations, the GDP of Silicon Valley is only $300 less than that of Qatar, the world’s richest country.

The area is named Silicon Valley because of the invention and marketing of silicon chips. But the name is serving as an inspiration for naming tech-centric cities around the world. Adding the word silicon to the names of many innovative cities in the world is proof of that.

Silicon Valley is the capital of technology

For example, the Indian city of Bangalore has been named Silicon City. Likewise, Silicon Valley in Israel, Brazilian Silicon Valley in Brazil, Silicon Valley of the North and Silicon Valley in Canada, Silicon Paradise in Costa Rica, Silicon Valley South in Mexico, Silicon Sloboda in Russia and Silicon Diego are notable.

Besides, several other countries in Asia have named their new cities after decorating their old cities in the style of Silicon Valley. For example, Davao City in Philippines is now Silicon Girls, Q Sudeep in Japan is now Silicon Island, Hsinchu in Taiwan is now Silicon Valley of Taiwan, Bandag in Indonesia is Silicon Valley of Indonesia, United Arab Emirates has Silicon Oasis.

Silicon Valley is the capital of technology

In addition, there are several such Silicon Valleys in China, the capital of the world’s technology product production. Even real Silicon Valley tech companies are heavily dependent on these tech cities in China to manufacture their products. Because of China’s nominal wage labor and cheap transportation system, most Silicon Valley companies are setting up factories in China to manufacture their products.

Currently, around 2.7 billion people around the world use smartphones. In the past, no technology product has spread as much as the smartphone. China is the biggest contributor to smartphone availability as the majority of the world’s smartphones are manufactured there. More specifically, 70 percent of the world’s smartphones are made in Shenzhen, China. Most of the world’s middle class can use this ultra-modern device so cheaply because of the smartphone made in Shenzhen.


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